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Perth Mint Silver (Shark Series)

Perth Mint Silver (Shark Series)
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Keep Silver Shark coins and other Silver coins safe with proper storage.

Collecting Silver coins has been a hobby for generations, dating back to Augustus Caesar, the first recorded individual to collect coins. Today, people buy Silver not only as a collectible item, but also for its investment value. Experienced investors understand that Australian coins and other Silver acquisitions require proper storage and protection to keep them safe. Before adding Silver shark coins to your treasure chest, consider these collecting tips to ensure your coins are properly enjoyed and stored.

To start, Silver Shark coins and other Silver coins have such intricate detail that they often require a magnifier to examine the exquisite features. Hold a Perth Mint Silver Sharks coin under a glass magnifier, and you will see the expert attention to craftsmanship that the naked eye or a plastic lens simply could not grasp. Next, proper storage of silver coins is important to ensure the coins are protected. When your Australian coin collection gets too big for home storage, consider Citadel Global Depository Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of APMEX that provides maximum security storage for your Precious Metals.

When you place Silver coins in storage at Citadel, you will receive many benefits. For example, Silver Shark coins placed in storage at Citadel, which is managed by world security leader Brink’s, are kept separate and protected against theft, damage and physical loss. Storing 1/2 oz Silver coins and other coins is also affordable, and if coins are purchased at APMEX, you can have the Precious Metals shipped for free directly to the vault. Consider protecting your Perth Mint Silver Sharks and other coins, bars, and rounds at Citadel, and enjoy delivery on demand when you are ready to sell your investment or bring it home.

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