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Silver Lunar Series II (2008-Present)

Silver Lunar Series II (2008-Present)

Silver Lunar coins are just one of many uses for Silver, a valuable physical asset to own.

When buying Silver Lunar coins, consider all the other uses of Silver throughout history and today. Knowing that Silver coins are just the beginning of how Silver is used will help you also be a better investor because the more Silver is in demand, the more likely the Precious Metal will have a higher price. People buy Silver for jewelry, which has only been increasing in demand with the emerging economies of Asia, and industrial companies buy Silver for an assortment of uses, for everything from switches to TVs to engines. When you buy Australian Lunar coins and other Silver coins, the price you pay is a direct result of how much demand there is for these other uses as well as for Silver coins, Silver bars and Silver rounds minted worldwide. Silver coins already in your collection also can maintain or increase their value, in part thanks to these other uses.

Silver Lunar coins come from the Perth Mint; however, the world’s first recorded Silver for use by humans was in modern-day Turkey around 3,000 B.C. The Silver in Australian Lunar coins contains the same antimicrobial properties as Silver used in ancient times when Herodotus declared that all Persian kings should only drink water out of a Silver cup as it would keep the water safe for years. Such a declaration was specifically important at that time when fresh, pure water sources came at a premium. Today, people still buy Silver for its antimicrobial properties for wound healing and other medical issues.

Because minting Silver Lunar coins and other Silver coins worldwide competes with these medical applications as well as other industrial uses, it is important to consider how that will affect your investment in Silver. When buying Australian Lunar coins and other Silver coins, you will want to begin tracking how Silver is used in other industries and also watch for news about Silver production worldwide. When you buy Silver, these classic supply and demand economics will help drive the price of Silver. In addition, Silver prices will also be affected by national and world economies: If emerging economies grow, the use and price of Silver will likely increase. Silver prices may continue to grow or hold steady if the national economy shrinks because often Silver and Gold are seen as “safe havens,” a good investment in times of turmoil.

As you invest in Australian Lunar coins, take all of these factors into consideration, and also take into account your reasons for investing. Do you want to buy Commemorative Silver coins in sets because you are a collector of interesting coins? Do you want to buy Silver Lunar coins as a long-term investment that may even go into a Precious Metals IRA? Or do you invest in Silver coins to the point where you need additional storage at Citadel Global Depository, Inc., a wholly-owned APMEX subsidiary that provides maximum security storage. At APMEX, we can help you with all of these needs and help you buy Perth Mint Silver and other Precious Metals coins from around the world.

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