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1 oz - 30 gram Silver Pandas

1 oz - 30 gram Silver Pandas
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Silver Pandas Collectibility

As one of the most collectible coins produced by the People's Bank of China, the Silver Pandas attract both investors and collectors. Investors appreciate the fact that the coin's design changes every year. Since each mintage proves unique, collecting all of them can improve an investor's portfolio considerably.

Additionally, collectors like the Pandas over other forms of Silver bullion because of the panda's near-universal likability. The panda represents friendship and peace, and some Chinese cultures believed the panda exuded medical powers. It is also considered a symbol of good fortune, which makes it particularly suitable for a coin.

Collectible Silver attracts many people from all over the world. You might want to collect Silver coins from every corner of the globe, or you could focus on Chinese coins in particular. You have several Chinese Silver options, from traditional coins to fan- and flower-shaped coins.

If you like to collect, consider displaying your coins in decorative presentation boxes. Alternatively, use well-crafted storage boxes to keep your coins safe until you are ready to move or sell them. When you have a high-value collection, you might want a fire- and water-proof safe to protect your Silver Pandas.

The adorable panda illustration combined with the Silver Panda's sovereignty makes this Silver coin an excellent addition to your portfolio. It is considered legal tender in China — the 1 oz, or 30 gram, coin is worth 10 yuan — and its value remains protected by the Chinese government. Buy your own Silver Panda now so you do not miss out.

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