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Scottsdale Mint Collectible Coins

Scottsdale Mint Collectible Coins
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History in Bisbee Silver Rounds and Bars

The town Bisbee, Arizona dates back to the early 1900s and was founded as a Copper, Gold and Silver mining town. These Bisbee Silver Buttons and Bars are a tribute to the history and nostalgia of the town. Each Silver Button and Bar is produced with a rounded-edge shape and special marks that appear to add age and circulation to the product.

Bisbee was a town steeped at the southern edge of Arizona, making it a prominent town that brought in trade and commerce on top of being a mining town. It was a pivotal town to not only the state of Arizona but to the American southwest. The 100 gram Silver bar and the 5 oz Silver Button pays homage to the city and its importance.

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