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Platinum American Eagles

The U.S. Mint American Platinum Eagle coins are made with .9995 fine Platinum, valued by collectors and investors alike. A tribute to the patriotism and spirit of freedom of the United States, the designs of this series give the coins an elegance that attracts collectors and investors alike. These stunning U.S. coins are part of the wide assortment of Platinum bullion available at APMEX.

American Platinum Eagle - a U.S. Mint First

Released in 1997, these coins are the only investment-grade Platinum coin from the United States Mint. It is the only Platinum coin the United States government guarantees for weight, content and .9995 fineness. Since its introduction, the Platinum Eagle has become one of the world’s most widely traded Platinum Bullion coins. This unique coin comes in fractional sizes, such as 1/10 oz Platinum American Eagles and 1/2 oz Platinum American Eagles, to make it easier for investors to acquire this Platinum piece at a lower price point. APMEX makes it easy to buy Platinum, including these investment-grade Platinum coins from the U.S. Mint.

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