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Platinum Koala Coins from Australia

Platinum Koala Coins from Australia

The value of Platinum coins and other Platinum bullion is a relatively recent discovery.

Investing in Platinum coins does not have the same long history as investing in Gold and Silver, which were traded even in ancient civilizations. Australian Platinum coins, first minted in 1988, are the first legal tender Platinum coins in modern times. Investing in 1 oz Platinum coins and other Platinum bullion has an equally short history. Commemorative coins made of Platinum are popular now, but that was not always the case.

Platinum coins used by Russia and Spain in the 18th and 19th centuries were often confused with other metals, and at the time the Platinum price per ounce was less than that of Silver. Australian Platinum coins are legal tender, but historically Platinum was considered impractical for coins because it was difficult to work with. Even now commemorative coins and other Platinum coins are less common than other Precious Metals. So to own 1 oz Platinum coins and other Platinum bullion is often seen as an investment that can hold its value.

Platinum coins get much of their value from the scarcity of Platinum, which is many times less common than Gold based on mine production. Australian Platinum coins are one of the few available Platinum coins worldwide. This relative rarity of 1 oz Platinum coins and other Platinum coins from around the world, of course, makes them even more valuable, because the market is not flooded with Platinum offerings. Commemorative coins in Platinum are often dedicated to a single event or anniversary and released only once.

Once you have Platinum coins in your collection, it is time to consider how to best store them. Many keep Australian Platinum coins on display at home, but others like to find secure storage like Citadel Global Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of APMEX that provides maximum security. Still others will add 1 oz Platinum coins like the Australian Koala Platinum coins to their Precious Metals IRA, which must be set up before you add Platinum bullion. Or try the best of all worlds: Keep commemorative coins on display at home, add Platinum coins to your Precious Metals IRA and keep the rest in secure storage for investments many consider a “safe haven” because typically Precious Metal prices hold even as other investments falter.

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