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Platinum is prized for its beauty and rarity, but also as a key component in manufacturing. From 1 gram to 1 kilo Platinum bars, you easily will find Platinum bullion products that are both beautiful and valuable. Rounds are easy to manage and store, produced with many designs inspired by sought-after historic coins. Platinum bars are more suitable for buyers looking to build assets quickly, but frequently feature elegant designs for collectors who want to keep them on display. APMEX has a wide selection of investor-favorite Platinum products. Trusted Platinum products from popular brands are now available, offering options for budgets of all sizes. Platinum is an excellent portfolio-consideration as the white metal has begun to play an essential role in the world market - it is also thirty times rarer than Gold.

Why Buy Platinum?

Platinum is considered one of the most valuable Precious Metals due to its rarity and essential value in both the economic and automotive industries. The rarity of Platinum cannot be overstated because it has a vast array of uses, particularly industrial use, including catalytic converters, laboratory equipment and even dentistry equipment. Almost half of the annual Platinum production goes directly to the automotive industry to help control vehicle emissions. Platinum is likely the catalyst in the ignition of hydrogen in your car’s catalytic converter. High-end jewelry accounts for about a third of the Platinum mined each year. Other, less well-known applications for Platinum include medical machinery electrodes and turbine engines.

The Gold to Platinum Ratio

The Gold to Platinum ratio indicates how much Platinum it takes to buy Gold. It indicates the relative strength of Gold prices compared with Platinum prices. Investors can use the ratio as a timing indicator when deciding when to buy Gold or Platinum. Platinum has become one of the most intriguing metals because it has historically traded at a higher price than Gold. That is an indication of two things, Platinum being rarer than Gold, and having more industrial uses.

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