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Celebrate the Ballet With these Palladium Coins

Lovers of Palladium coins, the ballet and Russia will adore these Palladium Bullion coins. From 1/4 oz to 1 oz Palladium coins, these gorgeous Palladium coins celebrate the Russian Ballet by featuring a ballerina in various poses on the obverse. The ballerina on these Palladium bullion coins is Princess Odette, from the famous ballet written by Russian composer, Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Many collectors consider the Palladium price secondary to the numismatic value of these distinctive Palladium coins.

Palladium Ballerina Coin

Each year of these Palladium coins features the ballerina in a different pose. The first Russian 1 oz Palladium coin minted in 1989 shows the ballerina in what’s known as Eighth position or the B-Plus position. This Palladium bullion coin beautifully depicts the long lines of a ballerina en pointe, and is sure to please collectors looking for truly unique coins that celebrate the Russian ballet. Worth every penny of their weight in Palladium and then some, these beautiful coins have a higher premium for numismatic value and rarity than more common coins.
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Why Buy Palladium?

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