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In addition to Precious Metals, we carry a range of supplies and books for both investors and collectors.


Stay current with the standards of the Precious Metals industry and read about the latest coins for collectors with these Precious Metals books from APMEX. Whether you are an investor or collector, these resources can help.

Tokens and Medals

This is where you will find unusual tokens and medals that do not fit in the norm. Often issued by a private organization or individual, tokens are used in place of coins.

U.S. Currency - Small Type

Here you will find a wide variety of Small Size U.S. currency. Besides our current Federal Reserve Notes, there are several kinds of obsolete types, such as Silver Certificates, Gold Certificates, Legal Tender issues and more.

U.S Legal Tender Notes (Large Size)

These notes are one of the oldest currency notes on record. They began circulating during the Civil War to support the cost of the war. The notes became much more accepted as currency the closer the war drew to an end. Denominations can be found in $1, $2 and $50.

Copper Bullion

Copper has a place in the market because of its wide application base in industrial and monetary ventures. Coupled with a historical narrative, Copper is a low-risk investment that yields value. This unique Precious Metal diversifies investor portfolios while also satisfying the modern collector. Many Copper bars feature designs originally used on beloved American coinage, adding collectible appeal to these affordable products.
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The History of Large Size U.S. Currency

The History of Large Size U.S. Currency

Why Should I Collect Currency?

Why Should I Collect Currency?

Why are Prices Higher on Paper Currency Products than Bullion

Why are Prices Higher on Paper Currency Products than Bullion

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Buying Precious Metals doesn’t have to be intimidating. Whether you are making a long-term investment or simply admire the beauty of Precious Metals, APMEX provides the tools to help you make the best choice for your portfolio.

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