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Morgan Dollars (1878 - 1921)

Morgan Dollars (1878 - 1921)

Collect Silver Morgan Dollar Coins and collect a piece of history with these American Silver Dollars minted from 1878-1904.

Collecting the Morgan Dollars can be a lot of fun and a rewarding investment. People who love history love learning about the history of Morgan Dollars. These American Silver Dollars and other rare Silver coins are also great for investments. To make the most out of Morgans and other Silver coins in your collection, follow some simple guidelines.

Why Should I Purchase Morgan Dollars?

The Morgan Dollar is one of many American Silver Dollars that are rare and highly sought after pieces of the 19th and 20th century history. Minted during the heyday of westward migration, Morgan Dollars would have been used by both gunslingers buying a shot of whiskey as well as railroad barons and other wealthy tycoons playing poker at the bar and impressing women at the dance halls. Named after its designer George T. Morgan, these American Silver Dollars feature a Liberty head that was inspired by Anna Willess Williams, a Philadelphia resident, making Morgans truly American, departing from the typical Greek figures used on previous issues.

Morgan Silver Dollars FAQ

How is the value of a Morgan Dollar calculated?

The value of a Morgan Dollar is determined by many factors, including the year it was produced and the current condition. If a plastic sleeve protects the Morgan Dollar you own, check the label to see if it has already been graded. This grade will be indicated by a code, such as VG for Very Good, or VF for Very Fine, followed by numbers that let you know where your dollar coin falls within that scale. If you own Morgan Dollars that have not been graded, you can quickly estimate that value by referring to an online grading chart. Keep in mind, however, that accurately classifying a coin’s condition involves many factors, so using a scale at home is only an approximation. The customer service team at APMEX can help you precisely calculate the value of a Morgan Dollar by following a few simple steps.

What does the Morgan Silver Dollar mintmark mean?

The Morgan Silver Dollar mint mark, just like most any coin, indicates the location where it was produced. The majority of Morgan Dollars were minted in Philadelphia and San Francisco. Coins from this series made in Philadelphia do not have a mint mark, while examples from San Francisco feature an “S.” From 1878 to 1904, some U.S. dollar coins were struck at the New Orleans Mint, each marked with an “O.” The Carson City Mint made Morgan Dollars during its years of operations, as well, designed with a “CC” mint mark. In the early 1920s, the Morgan Dollar was briefly revived, but this series was struck in Colorado. The mint mark on these coins does have an impact on value in some instances.

How much is an 1889 Silver Dollar worth today?

The market value of 1889 Silver Dollars can vary greatly, depending on the condition of the individual coin. Examples that are in BU, or Brilliant Uncirculated condition, can sell for hundreds of dollars. Those that have been graded as Almost Uncirculated, or AU, typically sell for over $100. Because Morgan Dollars are so collectible, even lower-grade coins are worth much more than their face value. Each coin in this series contains .7734 oz of fine Silver, so the Precious Metals used to make this dollar coin have an inherent value of their own. However, because numismatic collectors appreciate the Silver Morgans for their historical significance and design, most will sell at a premium well above spot prices.

How much are Silver dollars worth?

Morgan Dollars have more historical value. They are well known among collector and numismatist circles. The worth of these Silver dollars will depend on year, condition and mintage, but these Silver dollars are the most recognized coins that circulated for several years before giving way to the Peace Dollar. You will find tremendous worth and value in these coins.
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