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Franklin Half Dollars (1948 - 1963) (Certified)

Franklin Half Dollars (1948 - 1963) (Certified)
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Large Selection of Certified Franklin Half Dollars for Sale

There is a large selection of certified Franklin Half Dollar coins available at APMEX. The selection varies by year, but they still maintain high quality. The Franklin halves are highly valued by investors today because it is the first coin to make the transition to historical figures engraved on coins. This event lead to an unprecedented change in U.S coinage, marking the end of an era of allegorical figures for good.

Today, that significance can not be understated. The large selection of Franklin halves gives several options for investors and collectors giving them flexibility to work with their budget. There are several years represented and buyers can select from a year that interests them the most. Each coin is highly valued and will make the perfect addition to any collection or portfolio.

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