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Kennedy Half Dollars (1964 - Date) (Silver Coins, Rolls & Bags)

Kennedy Half Dollars (1964 - Date) (Silver Coins, Rolls & Bags)
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What is the value of Kennedy Half Dollar?

Which Kennedy Half Dollars are Silver? All Kennedy half dollars minted prior to 1965 were made of a 90% Silver alloy, meaning those Kennedy half dollars contain an actual Silver weight of 0.36169 of an ounce. These 90% Silver coins are often referred to as "junk Silver," but of course the Kennedy half dollars have both historic and melt value. Because it is unknown the amount of pre-1965 half dollars that remain, it is safe to say these coins will add value to any collection. They will undoubtedly come in all conditions so the value will vary but it is a one-of-a-kind coin.

Are Kennedy Half Dollars worth anything?

Contemporary Kennedy half-dollars are worth their face value. Older Kennedy half dollars' values vary based on metal content, condition and scarcity. A good way to get an idea of the value of your coin is to peruse APMEX's wide selection of Kennedy half dollars. The value of a Kennedy half dollar, especially the 1964 coins, is that they were only made for circulation in 90% Silver in 1964. Any other 90% Silver Kennedy half dollar has only been available in proof set issues. The following years after that were made in 40% Silver from 1965-1969. During that time these were the only Silver coins made by the United States Mint. In 1969, the Treasury department changed to a base metal content of Copper and Nickel for the Kennedy half dollar in hopes to reduce its collector value so that the coins would be used in circulation rather than kept in collections.

Value of a 1964 Half Dollar

The Kennedy half dollar is one of the only coins in existence today that is continually minted every year and never used for circulation which makes it a really interesting item. Since 2002 these coins have only been minted to satisfy collectors and are only available through the U.S Mint for a premium. John F. Kennedy is the shortest tenure President featured on coinage as he was only President for two years prior to his assassination. John F. Kennedy was placed on the half dollar on the request from his wife because she preferred to replace Benjamin Franklin on the half dollar rather than George Washington on the quarter. The rarity of the Kennedy Half Dollars is of interest to collectors. Fortunately APMEX has a large selection of half dollars to choose from.

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