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Rare Cents

Rare Cents

Rare Pennies and Copper Coins to Diversify any Numismatic Collection

Rare pennies are a must have for collectors and investors alike because many of these coins were circulated more than 150 years ago, making them some of the oldest coins in circulation. Many of these pennies were made before minting and engraving technology became a prevalent part of manufacturing. Minting and engraving technology has significantly changed throughout time and many of these rare coins were minted with early minting technology, adding to its uniqueness and numismatic value.

Many early settlers utilized British and Spanish forms of currency before the production of United States coinage came to be. These pennies and Copper coins were some of the first coins in circulation in the United States and became an important part of coinage ever since. Each selection offers a unique glimpse into the history of United States coinage. Collectors have the option of the US Half Cent, which was the first denomination minted by the United States Mint or the Two Cent Piece, the first coin to don the phrase, “In God We Trust” on the coin. No matter the selection, collectors can diversify their numismatic collection with unique rare pennies and Copper coins.

What are My Rare Pennies Worth?

While there are many charts available listing the possible value of many rare pennies, it is important to understand that the rarest pennies are not always the most valuable. As you collect these rare finds, give special attention to the condition of each coin. The condition of these pennies may affect their value even more than their scarcity.

What are some valuable pennies? While a 1943 penny made of Copper was once sold for a staggering $1.7 million, it is unlikely you have one of those in your laundry-room coin jar. However, there are many other valuable pennies available for your collection. APMEX has an excellent inventory of valuable pennies and other Copper coinage. Begin your research on valuable pennies with APMEX.

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