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Rare Nickels

Rare Nickels

Large Selection of Rare Nickels at APMEX

There is a large selection of rare nickels from which to choose. Each coin design offers its own unique charm and value for investors and collectors. Rare nickel coins are a must have for any collection.

Civil War Three Cents Nickel

The first nickels issued after the Civil War, the three-cent nickels were widely popular and unique to the time. The three-cent nickels were issued and circulated from 1865-1889. These rare nickels helped change the way people thought about currency. Rare U.S. coins such as the three-cent nickel are difficult to find.

Rare Shield Nickels

Shield nickels were the first to be issued in the commonly known five-cent variety. Struck and minted in 1866, the shield design is one of the most popular nickels of its time because of the iconic design. The first strikes of the rare nickel showed rays between the stars on the reverse. Later strikes of the rare nickels did not include the rays.

Design of Liberty Nickels

The Liberty nickels were designed by Charles Barber, famous designer and artist. The designs of the Liberty nickel was unlike anything seen at the time. Following the success of the Shield nickels, Liberty nickels displayed the Roman numeral V on the reverse and the 13 stars representing the 13 colonies on the obverse. These nickels were circulated between 1883 and 1913.

Buffalo Nickels

Highly sought after by coin collectors, the Buffalo nickel is one of the most popular designs for coin collectors. The depiction of the Native American chief on the obverse and buffalo on the reverse was daring for its time, but it became an instant success. The selection of Buffalo Nickels is large and varied, but they make great additions for any collector and investor. These nickels have much numismatic and historical value.

Jefferson Nickels

The Jefferson Nickel is perhaps the most recognizable amongst Americans. The Jefferson Nickel was released in 1938 and it honors the third President of the United States. Jefferson Nickel coins are more common than other rare nickels, but they still provide high value for collectors and investors.
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