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Hard Times Tokens

Released from 1832 to 1844, Hard Times Tokens were generally used in place of money. Their historic significance causes them to be invested with particular interest.

Civil War Tokens

When taking all factors into consideration, the Civil War was the most devastating event in American History. The economic pressures were felt as early as 1862 when the phenomenon known as Gresham’s Law took effect and the public began withdrawing all metallic currency. The anticipated increase in value of all metals prompted the hoarding of Gold, Silver and copper to such an extent that there were no metallic coins in circulation. To fill the need this situation caused, tradesmen began issuing what are today called Civil War Tokens.

Tokens and medals are encompassed in a category called "EXONUMIA". These items, while not coins, are avidly collected. Used in place of coins, tokens have a denomination shown or implied by their size, shape or color. True tokens before 1932 were often made of cheaper materials such as copper, pewter, aluminum, brass and tin.

Love Tokens

APMEX offers a superb selection of all types of Love Tokens. Each unique individual coin is engraved with messages that held very special meanings between the person giving the coin and their loved one who received it. They were very precious keepsakes generally handed down from generation to generation. Today, people collect Love Tokens with scenes engraved on them or ones with dates or initials that have special meaning to them. Gold love tokens are especially rare due to the value of the denomination back when it was engraved.

Gaming Tokens are issued in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of casinos across the country. Most varieties feature an inner core of .999 fine Silver with an outer ring made of brass.
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