Somalian Gold Leopard Series

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Gold Leopard Series
The second release of the Gold Leopard series has arrived in the form of the 2019 1 oz Somalia Gold Leopard. The beautiful new design depicts a leopard cub playfully pawing at its mother.. The African Wildlife series, depicting an Elephant, has been popular for 15 years and this addition to this series will be no different. Just like the first release, the 2019 Gold Somalian Leopards have a limited mintage of 1,000 coins worldwide. Each coin is made from .9999 fine Gold. Celebrating the beauty of the animal kingdom, the Gold Leopard Coin portrays one of the fastest animals found on the African plains, the leopard. Minted by the Das Bayerisches Hauptmünzamt Mint in Munich, Germany. These German-manufactured Gold Leopard coins attract attention from coin collectors all over the world.

Leopards tend to favor rocky landscapes with dense bush and riverine forests, but they have also shown to be highly adaptable to many places in both warm and cold climates. African leopards are one of the two big cats that inhabit the continent of Africa, along with the lion. The cheetah is also sometimes included in the big cat family due to their size, but it is technically not a big cat as it cannot roar. Being a member of the big cat family, the African leopard can roar. Besides roaring it also uses growls, spits and purrs to communicate with each other. The only two predators of African leopards in the wild are lions and hyenas.

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