Coin Flips & Currency Holders

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Advantages of Using Coin Flips

Coin flips offer a great way to protect your investment. Not only do they offer short and long-term protection, they offer several advantages that will make any numismatic collector or investor brim with delight:

  • No PVC. PVC damage lessens the value of the coin. It is a dangerous chemical that can lead to the deterioration of the surface of the Metals. PVC has the capability to spread quickly if it is not caught quickly.
  • Displays your product. Using these plastic coin flips will allow you to proudly show off your coin or currency proudly. Whether you are handling the coins frequently or very seldom, there is a coin flip that is perfect for you.
  • Space saver. No matter the size of your collection, coin flips make for a space saving opportunity. Available in 1" X 1" up to 2.5" X 2.5", these flips do not take up much room and can hold most Precious Metals coins.

Coin storage accessories are often underrated, but they are one of the most important parts of your Precious Metals collection. APMEX offers coin flips for sale at competitive prices. You can buy coin flips today if you are a novice or advanced collector.

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