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The Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint was formed in 1908. It has been a world leader in Gold coin and Silver coin production, running the gamut from numismatic coins to bullion coins. The Royal Canadian Mint makes one of the world’s most widely recognized and respected coins, the Gold Maple Leaf, renowned for its purity and unique security features.

Beyond the Canadian Mint’s prowess, it has a background laced through both Canadian history and geography.

Distributed Locations

The Canadian Mint consists of two mint locations in Canada:

  • The Ottawa Mint - The Ottawa Mint produces handcrafted collector and commemorative coins, Gold bullion coins, medals and medallions. This mint also performs master tooling to create the dies that strike coin designs for both circulation and commemorative issues. The Royal Canadian Mint’s Gold refining and advanced engineering operations are also located in Ottawa.
  • The Winnipeg Mint - The Winnipeg Mint is the Royal Canadian Mint’s high-tech, high-volume manufacturing facility. Every single Canadian coin in circulation is produced from this mint.

The Royal Canadian Mint specializes in creating state-of-the-art Canadian Gold and Canadian Silver coins. Their two locations provide this mint unique versatility.

Royal Canadian Mint Coins Via APMEX

APMEX offers a wide selection of Royal Canadian Mint coins, showcasing the mint's exceptional craftsmanship and rich numismatic heritage. From iconic bullion coins to commemorative releases, collectors and investors can find a diverse range of offerings to suit their preferences.

One of the popular choices among Royal Canadian Mint coins available at APMEX is the Canadian Maple Leaf series. These coins, struck in .9999 fine gold and silver, feature the iconic maple leaf design on the reverse, symbolizing Canada's natural beauty. With various denominations and sizes available, including 1 oz, 1/2 oz, and fractional weights, the Canadian Maple Leaf coins are sought after for their purity, quality, and elegant designs.

Another notable collection is the Royal Canadian Mint's Wildlife Series. This series highlights Canada's diverse wildlife through stunning designs on both gold and silver coins. Each release focuses on a different animal, such as the popular Canadian Lynx, the majestic Elk, or the powerful Grizzly Bear. These limited mintage coins are highly coveted by collectors for their exquisite artwork and their representation of Canada's natural heritage.

In addition to these series, APMEX also offers Royal Canadian Mint coins commemorating significant events and historical anniversaries. These coins often feature unique designs and finishes, making them prized additions to any collection. Whether it's the special edition Canadian Gold and Silver Maple Leaf coins with enhanced security features or the stunning Canadian Silver Peace Dollar tribute, collectors can find a wide array of captivating options.

Gold Coins

Silver Coins

Canadian coins are internationally respected. Indeed, their time-tested prominence reaches back over 100 years.

History of the Royal Canadian Mint

The RCM got its start in 1908, corresponding with an era of expanding Gold production in the Yukon and British Columbia. A refinery was needed to perform the complex chemical work of bringing raw, recently mined Gold up to coinage standards without shipping it all the way back to the United Kingdom. The Canadian Mint's original refinery in Ottawa was completed in 1911

The Ottawa Mint opened its doors under the watchful eye of the Governor General Earl Grey on January 2, 1911. Under his direction, the mint struck Canada’s first domestically produced coin, a fifty-cent piece. On that same day, the Countess Grey closed the ceremony by striking Canada's first bronze cent.

Recent History

During the First World War, the RCM served the British Empire well. Far from enemy fire, it produced large, essential quantities of Gold bars which were used by Great Britain to pay its debts to other countries.

In 1931, the heritage building on Sussex Drive, the surrounding land and the entire minting enterprise passed into Canadian hands, making the mint a wholly Canadian institution. In 1976, the Royal Canadian Mint boosted its operations, opening a high-speed press in the brand new Winnipeg facility.

Just six years later in 1982, the first Gold Maple Leaf coins were introduced. In 1988, the Royal Canadian Mint launched the matching Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin series.

2014 was the advent of the Canadian Mint’s new anti-counterfeiting measures. With new technological advancements, Gold coins and Silver coins have never been more secure. The Royal Canadian Mint uses Bullion Digital Non-Destructive Activation (DNA) technology to guarantee the integrity of these Canadian coins.

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