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Frank Frazetta Statues & Rounds

Frank Frazetta Statues & Rounds

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8 oz Silver Antique Statue - Frank Frazetta (Silver Warrior)
The Silver Warrior, a creation of one of the greatest names in Fantasy Art history, comes to life in this 3-D Silver statue. Frank Frazetta's iconic art lives on in an 8 oz Silver statue with a nice antique finish. Read More
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Who is Frank Frazetta?

Frank Frazetta is one of the most renowned figures of American art, known for his masterful artistry in the fantasy and science fiction world. His numerous artwork related to the craft are seen as influential by people such as Frank Miller and Yusuke Nakano, lead artist for the Legend of Zelda. Frazetta's diversified artwork has garnered him praise from industry leaders for his ability to capture intricate details of the fantasy and science fiction realms in great detail, providing a unique viewing experience. Frank Frazetta art is highly sought after by collectors even outside the fantasy and science fiction communities.

Frazetta had a propensity for art at an early age. At 8 years old, Frazetta attended the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Brooklyn. At 16, Frazetta began his career into comic book drawings, starting his career down the path of his artistry. Having worked at several comic book companies, he designed and put into motion many artwork sets for comic book strips and covers. Frazetta art took good form in the early 1950's and 60's establishing himself as a premier artist for comic books and novels such as The Silver Warriors by Michael Moorcock. Later, he parlayed his success into a mind bending career creating artwork for Hollywood and book covers. A claim to fame that modern people are familiar with is the iconic artwork of Conan the Adventurer, both the book cover and movie cover.

Many art critics believe it is Frank Frazetta's influence that ushered in an important era of artistic creativity to a modern generation that is so dependent on technology for their artwork. Frank Frazetta art is a key cog to providing inspiration to artists in the fantasy and science fiction genres because his attention to detail and love for the field were second to none.

Frank Frazetta art is unique and intricately detailed. After his death in 2010 from a stroke, his legacy was solidified by those in the artistic world. The Frazetta Museum pays the perfect homage to his designs, artwork, paintings and life. At the Frazetta Art Museum, you can see the most comprehensive work collection of artwork by Frazetta including his famous Death Dealer series. Everything from oil paintings and sculptures to book designs and comic book art can be seen at the Frazetta Museum.

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