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Building a Global Coin Collection

If this headline caught your eye, you probably already have an interest in coins. Perhaps you are newly interested in numismatics and believe a collection featuring coins from around the world would be exciting, or perhaps you have been successfully collecting coins from the United States Mint and think it’s time to branch out into world mints. Whatever your situation, if you want to create a global coin collection and showcase world coins, APMEX is here to help.

World Coins for the Beginner

If you are a budding numismatist and feel excited by the idea of creating a global coin collection, your priority may be accessibility. That is, you may need to focus on world coins with a modest price point as you start building a collection of world coins. Luckily, APMEX has fascinating world coins available for just a few dollars. Each coin conveys information about the culture and the economy that produced it and you can begin creating a global coin collection easily. For example, we have the 1982 Comoros 25 Francs FAO Chicks Hatching BU for less than four bucks and it is extremely interesting. This coin features a design of hatching chicks encircled by the words “Augmentons la Production Alimentaire,” a French phrase that translates to “Increase Food Production.” If that doesn’t make you want to dive into the history and economy of Comoros, I don’t know what would! It’s a thrilling look into another culture and is just a single example from the thousands of options we have to offer in world coins. Take the time to browse our huge inventory of coins of the world to discover the coins that speak to you at a price point accessible to anyone.

Branching Out into World Coins

If you are an experienced coin collector but have so far stuck with coins of the U.S. Mint or perhaps just North American coins, you can easily diversify your coin collection with bullion coins from around the world that offer security and confidence comparable to Silver American Eagles or Canadian Gold Maple Leafs. You might consider an initial purchase from a place that is personally familiar or is part of your heritage. The Royal Mint has produced coins for the United Kingdom since 886. That certainly inspires confidence! All coins from The Royal Mint, such as gorgeous Gold Sovereign Coins, are guaranteed by the government of the UK, which may have the most similar culture to America. If your ancestors originally hail from Germany, perhaps you would be interested in this 1930 Germany Silver 3 Reichsmarks Rhineland EF/AU. This coin can be hard to find in the U.S. and has great historic significance that may interest a collector. There are many treasures like these within the APMEX inventory and if you take the time to browse, you may find even more exotic pieces that speak to you. For example, the China Gold Pandas are particularly exciting right now, having recently rolled their weights over to grams but continuing to feature fantastic annual panda designs that delight collectors all over the world. Dig a bit deeper and you may discover items like this thrilling 18th-19th Century Gold Fanam of India. This piece has actual Gold value but is also truly amazing in its design and form. We offer many coins that can express your tastes and interests while allowing you to branch out into collecting global coins that represent currencies worldwide.

Creating a global coin collection should be something fun and exciting that offers you a new thrill in coin collecting. Start anywhere you are comfortable and just see where in the world your fancy takes you!

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