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What is Junk Silver?

Junk Silver is no junk at all

Junk Silver” is actually a misnomer. Many of America’s coins circulating before 1965 were made of 90% Silver. They are now referred to as “junk Silver” because their value is solely based in their metal content instead of collectibility or condition. “Junk” just means they are not numismatic, but make no mistake: junk Silver coins still have value and a place in portfolios.

Junk Silver for sale, starting in 1965

Americans have been hoarding these older Silver coins since they were removed from circulation, making them scarce and more desirable. Junk Silver coins are a great way to start Silver investments thanks to:

  1. Low premium: Junk Silver for sale can be bought for low premium over the spot price of Silver, so your money is almost fully invested in the metal itself.
  2. Legal tender: Junk Silver coins were and remain legal tender, so they will always be worth their face value.
  3. Divisibility: Whether you buy junk Silver bags or rolls, you are able to spend, trade or barter in the amount you desire because junk Silver comes in smaller amounts.

Understanding Junk Silver prices

Retailers allow investors to buy junk Silver coins by the roll or bag and by coin type. Junk Silver coin prices are listed by their face value, in increments as little as $1 and up to $1,000. However, the actual purchase price of junk Silver coins for sale will vary based on Silver’s spot price.

This means choosing between a $100 bag of quarters and a $100 bag of dimes will depend on how heavy a bag you want to carry, where you want to store it and if you plan on spending it later, because their worth is exactly the same.

Buy now: Junk Silver coins for sale

Many junk Silver bags were melted down for bullion after the Y2K scare was determined to be a non-event. Despite this, and the rarity of pre-1965 coins, junk Silver is still relatively easy to acquire. APMEX proudly offers some of the most competitive junk Silver coin prices in the industry. Take a look at some of the junk Silver for sale on our website and enjoy our very affordable junk Silver prices.

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