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Platinum Products for Beginners

As 2016 has seen upsets in the mining and automotive industries, Platinum has become a popular Precious Metal to buy. Not only is it rare, it is priced below Gold, an unprecedented event. Platinum can be intimidating to buy, but there are Platinum products that are safe for those who have never bought the Precious Metal. To introduce buyers to Platinum, starting small is a great idea. It gets you comfortable with buying Platinum and you can see the Platinum value associated with it.

Platinum coins and Platinum bars commonly come in 1 oz and 1/2 ounce weights. Investors can now invest in Platinum products that are 1/10 oz, making it a difference maker in terms of variety from which one can choose and the value these products offer.

Buy 1/10 Ounce Platinum Products at APMEX

APMEX offers a wide variety of Platinum products, but investors can purchase new 1/10 ounce products at competitive prices. The 2014 Canada 1/10 ounce Majestic Maple Leaves and the 2014 Canada 1/10 oz Proof Platinum $5 Cougar are two good options for beginner Platinum investors. Another great Platinum option for the beginner buyer is the 2014 Canada 1/10 oz Proof Platinum $5 Bald Eagle.

There are several size options for Precious Metals investors. For the Platinum 1/10 oz sizes, buyers can be properly introduced to Platinum with a low-stress, high-reward product.

Trusted Internet Retailer

Here are three reasons why you should buy at APMEX:

  1. When you buy Platinum online, you are buying a quality tested product to ensure its accuracy and quality before being delivered to you. You get the best value and the best quality.
  2. APMEX is a trusted Internet retailer, listed as number 42 out of 500 of Internet retailers.
  3. Large selection of Platinum products giving you plenty of options.

Buy Platinum today from APMEX and see your investment grow.

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