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Buying Platinum - Why Platinum is today's Rich Man's Gold

Gold and Silver are popular products to buy in today's Precious Metals market, but Platinum should be considered too. Platinum is widely considered “Rich Man's Gold” because of today's price of Platinum and its rarity. These factors make Platinum value high in today's Precious Metals market, but it also adds diversity to any coin collector's portfolio. According to David Morgan, “Platinum is generally more expensive than Gold. But for well over a year, it traded for less.” (Financial Sense) Currently on the market, Platinum is priced below Gold and there are plenty of reasons to buy Platinum. Historically, Gold has always traded at a higher price.

The Platinum supply is significantly smaller than other Precious Metals, making it a hot item to purchase. Platinum is also used throughout the industrial and automotive industries.

The importance of Platinum price

Platinum coins and Platinum bullion offer a great value to investors. Platinum has historically run in tandem with other Precious Metals such as Gold and Silver, but Platinum enjoys a brief edge in terms of the value. (Gold Eagle)

This becomes important for three reasons:

  • Purchasing power. Now more than ever, when you buy Platinum you buy a product that is rare and has a lower price point than Gold.
  • Platinum may not be below Gold in terms of price for a while. It could again rise above Gold.
  • Trading power of Platinum has become more powerful and engaging because it becomes more affordable and flexible with the number of Platinum products available.

While Platinum value remains high, it is important to see the significance of Platinum as a whole. For years, Platinum has been a Precious Metal that primarily high-end investors invested in. With mining and the automobile industries experiencing upsets, the time to buy is now while purchasing power is high.

Where do you buy Platinum coins or Platinum bars?

While Platinum may have tremendous purchasing power today, it also adds good diversity to a collector's portfolio. APMEX offers a wide variety of Platinum bars and Platinum coins including the Platinum Australian Koala or Platinum American Eagles.

Diversify your Precious Metals Portfolio

The selection of Platinum will add diversity to your portfolio, but it will also add great value. Platinum makes a great investment for beginner and experienced investors. Take advantage of the “Rich Man's Gold” while the value of Platinum remains high.

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