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What Are Fractional Coin Sizes?

There are benefits to buying fractional Precious Metals sizes. It does not matter if you are an new investor or a long-time investor. The benefits remain the same. There are many factors to consider when it comes to fractional Gold or other fractional Precious Metals because the options of budget vs. portfolio strategy comes into play. Fractional sizes refer to any size of a Precious Metal that is less than your standard 1 troy oz Precious Metal. Common denominations include 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz. There are some sizes that can go as low as 1/25 oz. These are available in Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

Previous thinking into Precious Metals investing was the standard 1 oz Precious Metals size was the best size for investing because you were able to maximize the value out of it. Value lies within all fractional sizes as well and they provide a nice complement to any collection or investment portfolio.

Benefits of Buying Fractional Coins

There are many varieties of fractional sizes including fractional Silver bullion and fractional Platinum bars. While there are several from which to choose, there are benefits to purchasing fractional bars and coins.

  • Budget friendly. You get added flexibility with your budget and options. The metals price points are more appealing for investors who are just getting into the craft. While developing a portfolio, investors have the option of buying into a series of coins with a low startup while still investing in something with tangible value. Regardless of the metal that is bought, fractional sizes are worth purchasing because they still provide pure metal content.
  • Adds diversity to your collection. Investing in Precious Metals can be adventurous, but there are several options from which to choose. Since many investors primarily focus on traditional 1 oz coins, there are diversifying options in fractional sizes. Fractional coins provide an extra layer of diversity to any collection that helps grow the value and notoriety of the portfolio. Much like adding to your job skills that make you more valuable at work, fractional coin sizes make a collection more valuable for its diversity.
  • Get rare Precious Metals at a lower price. There are Gold and Silver fractional sizes that are common, but other Precious Metals like Platinum and Palladium are also available in fractional sizes. Platinum and Palladium are two of those most rare Precious Metals, but fractional sizes provide investors a better opportunity to purchase because of the lower price, giving investors an opportunity to own Platinum or Palladium.

Fractional Precious Metals coins are smart to have and will provide an excellent addition to your collection. APMEX carries a large variety of fractional coins at competitive prices.

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