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What is 90% Silver? - Junk Silver - DO NOT USE

90 Silver coins” or 90 percent Silver coins

Did you know it was written into the Constitution that the only legal tender that states were allowed to issue was Silver or Gold? As Gold was more valuable than Silver at a 15:1 ratio, America’s coin currency was 90% Silver and 10% copper for nearly 175 years.

U.S. coins minted before 1965 are referred to as 90%  Silver coins because of their content. Eventually they were pulled from circulation and replaced.

90% Silver coins become “Junk Silver”

In 1965, as a result of increasing Silver prices, Congress directed the U.S. Mint to introduce copper/nickel-clad dimes and quarters. Additionally, the Silver content in half dollars was reduced to 40%. Most of the coins minted before 1965 (the 90 Silver coins) became known as “junk Silver coins” because they had no collectible value.

Junk Silver coins for sale

People began saving junk Silver coins because of their high Silver content. The 90% Silver makeup made for a nice rainy day fund or a good bartering tool. Junk Silver coins for sale are available on the Precious Metals market for new and experienced investors.

Junk Silver coin prices

Junk Silver for sale is available by the roll or bag and by coin type. Junk Silver coin prices are listed by their face value, in increments as little as $1 and up to $1,000. However, the actual purchase price of junk Silver coins for sale will vary based on Silver’s spot price. The lack of numismatic value results in reasonable premiums over the spot price of Silver to make junk Silver prices very affordable. 

Junk Silver bags

Junk Silver bags allow you to buy larger quantities of Silver at once at a very affordable price. However, they can be very heavy and cost a lot in shipping. When you buy junk Silver bags, make sure you have a place to store them.

Buy junk Silver

If you see junk Silver for sale, consider adding it to your portfolio. Because junk Silver prices are based solely on the metal content, you will be rewarded with the most Silver for your money.

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