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What is Bullion?

The concept of Gold bullion is simple. We have all seen stacks of Gold bars in cartoons and Western movies our whole lives. Bullion, pronounced “BULL-yən”, properly refers to Precious Metals in bulk form, valued by weight. In popular culture, we envision Gold or Silver bullion in bars or ingots, but the forms Silver or Gold bullion might actually take is more nuanced than that.

Silver Bullion

For a new collector looking to buy Silver bullion, there are several tempting options. So-called “junk” Silver, that is, U.S. coins minted before the early 1960's containing 90% Silver, are a viable form of Silver bullion. They are still attractive but mostly have no numismatic, or collectible, value beyond their Silver content. Hence, these become Silver bullion coins.

Invest in Silver Bullion Coins and Bars

The next option in collecting or investing in Silver presents itself in the form of bullion coins or small bars. It is easy to buy Silver bullion coins, such as the perennial favorite Silver Eagle, or similar Silver rounds, which are manufactured privately. Another attractive form of bullion is the small Silver ingot, or Silver bar. As long as you deal with a reputable company, these are readily available and enjoyable to acquire.

A more advanced or financially liquid Silver investor looking to buy Silver bullion may select a form of Silver that more often comes to mind when considering bullion. Weighty and beautiful, stereotypical Silver bullion bars make a delectable display to serious investors and collectors. For an investment of this size, it is key to follow Silver bullion prices and time your purchase accordingly. Small fluctuations in Silver bullion prices will add up quickly.

Gold Bullion

Unlike Silver, there is no such thing as “junk” Gold. Other than that, most of what is true of buying Silver bullion stands when you wish to buy Gold bullion. However, a major difference lies in Gold bullion prices. To buy Gold bullion is a larger financial undertaking which rightly commands greater consideration. That said, there are ways to enter into buying Gold bullion even with a modest budget. First, if you carefully follow Gold bullion prices you can maximize your buying power. While Gold has a strong upward trend over the long term, you can take advantage of momentary dips to get the best value for your money. Secondly, you might consider buying Gold bullion in smaller amounts. For example, a 1/10 oz Gold bullion round is an affordable entrée into buying Gold bullion without making a large financial commitment.

Invest in Gold Bullion Coins and Bars

When you are ready to buy Silver bullion or Gold bullion, you must complete due diligence. Anyone, anywhere, can list Gold bullion for sale or Silver bullion for sale. To protect yourself, you must work only with a reputable company. Responding to the seductive phrase “Gold bullion for sale” is a time for careful consideration about who will get your business. A search for “Silver bullion for sale” sadly turns up the occasional counterfeit item. You can work smart by completing purchases of bullion with a trusted company.

Precious Metal bullion can make an excellent addition to your investment portfolio or collection, and with a good understanding of the forms of Gold and Silver bullion, you can make the selection that is right for your goals.

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