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5 Unique Coins You Have to Collect

As a coin collector, there are several coins from which to choose. It may be hard to determine which to collect but there are coins that are popular, unique, rare or have historical significance that should be taken into account. Use discernment when purchasing any Precious Metal product, but these five coins are so unique and significant, you should consider collecting them today. 

5 Unique Coins You Have to Collect

The coins below are a good mix of modern and historical, but all have good numismatic value. Collectors and investors can enjoy these coins that will grow the value of any collection. Read more about these five unique coins you have to collect today. 

  1. 50 State Quarters - These modern quarters were minted by the United States Mint starting in 1999. This commemorative coin series was set to honor each of the 50 states and was rolled out in its entirety by 2009. To date, these quarters are the most successful numismatic program in history. Many collectors and investors collected this series in its entirety while others chose to collect states they have visited or lived in. In any case, these are popular coins to collect with a large following, including those with passing numismatic interests. 
  2. Morgan Dollar or Peace Dollar - Morgan Dollars were common Silver Dollars circulated in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Morgan Dollar was the most popular in terms of design and convenience. This iconic coin shows an image of a bald eagle with outstretched wings on the reverse and a left-facing Liberty wearing a Phrygian cap on the obverse.  The Morgan Dollar was minted from 1878 to 1904, and again in 1921, and is the most-collected U.S. coin of all time.  
    The Peace Dollar, minted from 1921 to 1935, succeeded the Morgan Dollar and is just as unique and valuable. They initially ran in limited supply and became rare coins almost instantaneously. The design represents the American ideals that thrust the United States onto the world's stage. Peace Dollars were popular but were plagued by die problems and stamping errors. These errors make them appealing to collectors and investors. 
  3. Liberty Seated Dollars - First minted in 1840, these coins inspired the Trade coin. The Liberty Seated Dollar was the first coin of its time to have a patriotic-themed design, which was met with widespread popularity. These coins are rare because they were minted during a time in which Silver was hoarded by the masses for financial gain. The limited supply of Silver lead to limited-mintage Liberty Seated Dollars in order to keep the cost of production down. These rare coins are popular with collectors. 
  4. Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles - Gold Double Eagles have a special place in history. Minted from 1907 to 1933, the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles are the most popular Gold coins collected today. The Saint-Gaudens design was met with positive reviews from the public. The coin, however, had a relatively short life because it was the last new Gold coin design implemented before President Franklin Roosevelt ordered all Gold coins be returned to the United States Treasury in 1933. This coin holds important historical significance. 
  5. Gold and Silver Maple Leafs - Both backdated and current editions of the Maple Leaf series are popular with collectors today. The Royal Canadian Mint is known for producing some of the finest bullion in the world today. Their quality has been carried on for many years, including in their beloved Gold and Silver Maple Leafs. The Maple Leafs pay homage to a Canadian staple and iconic image. Maple Leafs are not only sought after by Canadians, but they are widely collected by people all over the world. 

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