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Ancient Rare Roman Coin Uncovered in Israel

Coin collectors and coin enthusiasts can feel and see the history of coins as they are discovered in unexpected places. Ancient and rare coins, especially Roman coins are rare because of time. Every discovery remains an important one to help maintain history because they offer a glimpse into an important time in the ancient Middle East. Fox News reported that archaeologists uncovered an ancient rare Roman coin on a dig in Jerusalem. The discovered coin dates to approximately 56 or 57 AD. The obverse features Nero, the ruler of Rome between 54 to 68 AD. Ancient Roman coins were always consistent in terms of depicting a leader's bust on the obverse. 

This Roman coin is no exception, but what makes this coin exceptional is that the condition itself is good, after being buried for nearly 2,000 years. The Gold did not deteriorate underground, which is a good sign for the condition of the coin.

Ancient and rare coins are not being discovered as they once were. That is what makes this coin so special. Ancient Roman coins are valuable today. This Nero coin may be sold at auction, but it does show how important the currency was in the days of Nero and other ancient rulers. Ancient coins come in Silver, Bronze and Gold. They come in all sizes and shapes because the minting technology was archaic. If you have the privilege to own one or come across one, it is worth investing in for the amazing purposes that it holds, not just for numismatists, but for those who enjoy history.

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