How Do I Start a Collection of Modern Collectibles?

The world of numismatics is trending toward modern collectibles, but you may be wondering what the precise definition of “modern” really is. In art or furniture, for example, “modern” refers more to the design principles a piece exhibits than the date of its manufacture. In numismatics, there are several answers to this question.

If we limit our discussion to coins of the United States, it is commonly agreed that modern coins are those produced during and after 1965, when the United States began to move away from the 173-year relationship between the intrinsic value of physical Precious Metals and the value of its coins. By 1971, no circulating coins contained any Silver. Now, though, modern coins include commemorative coins and Precious Metal bullion coins besides circulation issues. The field of modern collectibles is wide open.

Are Modern Coins Viable Collectibles? 

It is fair to say that experts are divided on the topic of modern collectibles, with some adhering to the idea that only “classic” coins have numismatic value while others embrace the trend toward modern collectibles.

Getting Started

Before you buy, it’s important to select something that speaks to you and will help you reach your goals as a collector. Decide on your budget, whether you intend to lean into intrinsic or numismatic value and what coins you find appealing. Once you have given consideration to those factors, it’s time to shop.

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