How to Collect Morgan Silver Dollars

Morgan Silver Dollars are widely popular with collectors because of their beauty and historical value. There are some strategies that will help you collect Morgan Dollars and maximize the value of your collection, no matter how small or big.  

Various mints struck Morgan Silver Dollars between 1878 and 1904, then again in 1921. The varieties of Morgan Silver Dollars are wide and varying, offering collectors several options to choose from.

There are ways to collect Morgan Dollars that will help you maximize your investment with these rare coins. Many factors come into play when collecting Silver Dollars such as history, mintage and minting location. 

  • Decide how you want to collect Morgan Silver Dollars
    If the goal is to collect as many as you can within a budget, the planning process is simple. If the goal is to maximize the value and buy only the rarest mintage coins by year, more planning is involved. 
  • Determine important dates in the series of coins
    When you have a historical context to work with, you can decide which date works in your collection. The introduction of the Morgan Silver Dollars was met with positive acclaim. These coins were born of political intrigue combined with the fascination of Silver. Early editions of the Morgan Dollarssaw several revisions to its design. Doing research on each year of mintage will help you see the value of the Silver dollar.  
  • Mint locations can play a role in how you collect
    During active circulation for the Morgan Silver Dollars, the Philadelphia, Carson City and San Francisco Mints each produced these coins. The Morgan Dollars would be minted at the Denver Mint in 1921 only. Each mint provided different production quality. Some collectors only collect coins minted at the Carson City Mint while others are partial to coins minted at the San Francisco Mint.
  • Condition
    Collectors have long used the condition of the coin as a base on how to collect their coins. Mint condition is rare and difficult to find, but you can find graded and certified Morgan Dollarsat great values. Conditions will range from unrecognizable to excellent without being graded as well. Some strategize their collection by including a mix of all grades and conditions to balance their collection.
  • Find a reputable dealer
    This is an important rule for any collecting. A reputable dealer will have the selections on hand to give you the best chance at purchasing a high-quality coin. At APMEX, there is a large variety of Silver Dollars varying in years and condition, produced at different mints.

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