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Rare Modern Bullion Coins

A coin labeled rare does not always mean it is hundreds of years old. There are many modern rare coins and collectible coins that are valuable and worth the investment. Whether you are a beginner at coin collecting or you have been collecting for years, you can find a variety of rare modern bullion coins. Some may even be hiding in plain sight. Coins have a way of migrating places in precarious ways, but when we find them, we should hold on to them. Here are five rare modern bullion coins that might be in your change jar.

  1. 2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter with Extra Leaf. This is not technically labeled as a mint error.  If you look carefully at the reverse of the coin, the corn stalk has an extra leaf located closest to the cheese wheel. Most of the Wisconsin quarters do not have the extra leaf directly above the cheese. The quarters bearing the mistake are rare, but they are valuable and worth scouring in your loose change drawer.
  2. Silver Half Dollars. If you own Half Dollars before 1964, you own a Half Dollar that contains 90% Silver. Half Dollars produced between 1965 and 1970 contain 40% Silver. Due to the price of Silver drastically increasing, there was a need to use a copper-nickel mixture for coins. This helped save money and time during production. Half Dollars are proportionally smaller in terms of mintage than quarters, dimes and nickels. 
  3. 2000-P "Cheerios" Sacagawea Dollar. If you were fortunate enough to open up a box of Cheerios in 2000 with a Sacagawea Dollar inside, make sure you keep it. A Sacagawea Dollar was placed in every 2,000th box of Cheerios as a way to promote the new coin. Not only were there just 5,500 coins distributed, some of them have extraneous details on the design, namely detailed veins on the eagle's feathers.
  4. 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle. As far as proofs go, the 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle was the lowest mintage of the series, also known as the key date.  This proof was part of the 10th anniversary set "priced at $999 each, either for all four Proof Gold Eagles or all four Proof Gold Eagles along with the free 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle as a bonus." (PCGS Coin Facts) What made this coin so special was it surpassed the value of all the coins in the proof set.
  5. 2011-W $10 Gold Lucy Hayes. As part of the United States Mint's First Spouse program, the coin bearing Lucy Hayes' bust was one of the lowest minted First Spouse coins. Only 15,000 were minted. This unique program releases new coins annually, starting in 2007, in the order the First Ladies served.

There are many more coins that are both rare and modern with great value. Collectible coins are found in all parts of the world under many circumstances. If you think you have a unique and rare coin, it's worth holding onto for safe keeping. At APMEX, you can find a variety of rare coins that will make a good addition to any collection. 

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