The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar: A Popular Silver Coin for the Ages

Published on 3/16/2021 by APMEX

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is a popular coin for collectors all over the world. It was an important coin that helped usher in the westward expansion of the United States. Various mints struck and minted Morgan Dollars from 1878 to 1904, then again in 1921. There are unique characteristics about the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar as compared to Silver coins that preceded them.

Numismatists have enjoyed the Morgan Silver Dollar for years for various reasons including its beauty and historical significance. When referring to the Morgan Dollars, it is difficult not including the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar coin. 

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Coins Features and Popularity

Many coin collectors know the significance of the Morgan Silver Dollars, but few know the importance of the 1921 Silver Dollar and the reasons that make it one of the most popular Silver coins in United States history. The first set of Morgan Silver Dollars were so popular in part because of their highly symbolic nature and being the first Silver Dollar coins with high Silver content.

This coin has several important features that make them as important as the ones produced from 1878 to 1904:

  • Only year to be produced at the Denver Mint
    The Philadelphia, San Francisco and Carson City Mints produced these coins through 1904. The Denver Mint was added for production in 1921. 
  • The Treasury created special dies for the minting of these coins
    The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars had to use specially recreated dies. The original dies used to mint the previous year's Morgan Dollars were destroyed by the Treasury years before. 
  • Silver content for Silver dollars is one-of-a-kind and unheard of for 1921 standards
    The .7734 oz of fine Silver is high, giving collectors value that is unsurpassed. In 1921, Silver was a valuable commodity, and Silver dollars were rare compared to the first circulation of Morgan Dollars. 
  • The Pittman Act in 1918 gave way to the production of Morgan Silver Dollars in 1921
    Under the act, the Treasury authorized melting down and recoining millions of Silver dollars. Some of the 1921 Morgan Dollars were sold to Great Britain to assist in World War I efforts. 


Some collectors ask how much a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is worth. That cannot be answered in concrete numbers, but they do hold tremendous value. Though the Silver price per ounce is an important factor for pricing, the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar has unique value-added incentive because of their intrinsic value. History has been very kind to these ground-breaking coins.

Even though 1921 was the only year the Treasury brought back the Morgan Silver Dollars, its legacy has expanded and grown years after production stopped. Given what the price of Silver will do, the 1921 Morgan Dollars is still a coin many collectors want to have. 

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