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When Should I Start to Collect?

When to start collecting coins is a personal decision. The “right time” to collect is not the same for everyone. Many novice collectors simply make an impulse buy of a coin or two they happen to like. Or perhaps it is something related to their family or where they grew up. Maybe down the line they buy a piece of currency or a token or medal because they like that as well. But something drives them to make that first, second and third purchase. After many years of buying and selling coins, we can tell you that no two collectors are alike.

when is the time “right” for you?

You think about what you own and you want to own more. You want to add different dates or mintmarks to what you already own. You think about how you will display them and keep them safe and secure. You estimate what it would cost to complete a collection. You talk about them. You show them to friends and family. You think about them…more and more often.

To collect means to make a commitment. You commit to buy more, to learn about them, to display them, to look for other specimens. You are slowly, but consciously, making the commitment to collect.

Starting your Coin Collection

When buying a random item leaves you feeling unfulfilled; when days cannot go by without thinking about or buying another example – you are becoming a collector.

Know When it’s right for you to Collect Coins

You will think about your coins, think about adding more to your collection and try to interest your family or your friends in your collection.

But becoming a collector is a good thing. Even if it happens subtly, you have become a collector.

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