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Who Are Silver Stackers and What Do They Do?

Bullion buyers often have Silver as an investment vehicle. The Silver price per ounce is affordable and the selection is varied. Investing in Silver bullion as an investment has existed for decades, but Silver stacking takes coin collecting one step further. Some bullion buyers will classify Silver stackers as those who store stockpiles of Silver while others classify stackers as hoarders. Both classifications can be accurate but it is important to consider motivation as well. 

Silver is a popular choice with investors. As the variety of Silver products available gets larger, Silver stackers will continue to gain more notoriety in the eyes of the public, especially with numismatic collectors. 

Why People Become Silver Stackers 

Precious Metals are an investment vehicle for many people. The investment opportunities are abundant because the supply is currently available. Silver stackers are coin collectors, but they go above and beyond standard collecting. Silver enthusiasts who buy various Silver products and store them can be considered Silver stackers, and their motivations are varied. Some stack because it is a store of wealth while others use it as a system to stockpile all their Silver. Some stackers like the notoriety of collecting Silver in larger quantities. Sill others stack Silver as a hedge against an economic downturn. The motivations differ, but there are reasons that make it relatively simple to become a Silver stacker. 

  • Price. Price plays an important role in the decisions we make for investing. With current Silver prices affordable, it is easier for Silver buyers to invest in Silver. Even larger sizes, like 5 oz Silver bars or 100 oz Silver, are affordable. Price is important for many reasons, but if the price is right, investors will buy. 
  • Availability and variety. Silver stackers can "stack" with any number of Silver bullion products. Bars, coins, rounds and sometimes even Silver jewelry are available for stacking. Popular choices with Silver stackers are the American Silver Eagles, Silver Maple Leafs, Lunar Silver Coins from The Perth Mint and privately minted Silver rounds. 
  • Popularity. Popularity is rising with Silver investing. Silver investments are common to coin collectors because of the price and variety, but Silver is also popular because of its historical presence and use in society. The metal is more abundant than Gold or other Precious Metals, so there are distinct advantages that Silver has over other metals.
  • Ease. Purchasing Silver is easy and does not require extensive background checks or paperwork. Buying online from a reputable dealer is easiest while knowing what Silver bullion you are purchasing. 

There are many reasons people become Silver stackers. Silver is an affordable metal to purchase, which naturally attracts many buyers. With Silver so popular today, starting your own Silver collection can go a long way. There are several Silver bullion coins, bars and rounds from APMEX at competitive prices. Buy Silver today. 

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