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Cultural Significance of Gold and Silver China Pandas

Even in the relatively short minting history of the Gold Panda coins and Silver Chinese Pandas, these coins are popular and appreciated by the Chinese public and around the world. In every country, there is a symbol synonymous with that nation's identity. For Chinese culture, the panda is appealing and awe-inspiring. This majestic animal is loved by people all over the world and is known as having a meek temperament, innocence and joy. 

It was no mistake the Mint of China decided on the panda for these coins. The panda is one of China's most recognizable symbols and they grace each of the Silver and Gold China Panda coins. The value of the Silver Pandas and China Pandas not only lies in the metal content, but in the cultural significance. 

Understanding the Panda's Role in Chinese Society

The panda is a historically important animal. Often listed on endangered species lists, the panda has found a safe-haven in controlled areas throughout China and zoos around the world. A small amount of giant pandas still live in the wilderness. Pandas are native to China and the first known sightings date back to the T'ang Dynasty (A.D. 618-907). The docility and meek temperament made the panda the unofficial animal of China. Other reasons the panda is a cultural icon for the Chinese people include:

  1. The panda is one of the first known animals in Chinese history. They have survived various development, hunting and environmental changes. 
  2. Pandas continue to thrive in small numbers throughout China, making them even more special. The panda population has always been small, making it a wide-ranging effort by Chinese officials to protect them. The Chinese government is creating more panda reserves to help with the population growth and preservation of these majestic animals. 
  3. It was often said the panda had medical and spiritual properties. These healing properties were especially prevalent in the Ming Dynasty when many people believed being in the presence of a panda would give healing and comfort in life and during battle.
  4. The panda is regarded as a symbol of peace. For some Chinese people, it is also a symbol of hope and pride. Other countries have adopted the panda as the same symbol of peace.

Buy Gold Panda Coins or Silver Panda Coins

It is no surprise that a panda design is used on Gold or Silver Chinese Panda coins. The panda is synonymous with Chinese culture and history. You can own a piece of Chinese lore with these China Panda coins. China Panda coins have great value and are sought by collectors all over the world. Silver or Gold Panda coins make  a nice complement to any coin collection. 

The Panda coin design changes annually. Every Panda design represents a unique artistic view of their place in Chinese society. With backdated and current editions available, you have a wide selection of Panda coins from which to choose. 

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