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Shipwreck Silver - Notable Shipwreck Silver and Shipwreck Coins

Shipwreck Silver

There are many told, and even untold, stories of shipwrecks throughout time that have great treasure or stores of Silver lost at sea. Whether they are war ships or shipping vessels, the stories mount as long as the years that have passed. Shipwrecks happen for many reasons, from running aground, bad weather conditions, torpedoes and acts of war or pirate raids, to name a few.  Even though Silver from shipwrecks continues to be discovered from various periods, very little of it is used as currency or investment collections. There are exceptions and these may continue as more shipwreck Silver discoveries are uncovered.


Notable Shipwreck Silver and Shipwreck Coins

Silver has been recovered from many collapsed ships, but few have unmasked large quantities of the Precious Metal. Shipwreck coins make great stories, but their histories are equally fascinating.

SS City of Cairo

SS City of Cairo. Daily Mail UK

SS City of Cairo. Daily Mail UK

The SS City of Cairo was sunk in 1942, in the middle of World War II. The ship was sunk by a German U-boat as it headed back to England to support the war. The SS City of Cairo carried “296 civilians and cargo that included 100 tons of Silver...the coins were melted and the Silver sold.” (CNN)  The Silver stores included Silver bars and Silver coins. In today's value, 100 tons of Silver equates to approximately $50 million.

SS Gairsoppa

SS Gairsoppa Shipwreck. Huffington PostSS Gairsoppa Shipwreck. Huffington Post

The SS Gairsoppa was another casualty of World War II. The SS Gairsoppa sat 300 miles off the coast of Ireland since World War II, devastated by a German U-boat torpedo. The story details the Gairsoppa broke off from its convoy to Liverpool and headed for Ireland due to insufficient coal stores and bad weather. It was in transit that the German U-boat fired a torpedo at the hull of the Gairsoppa, causing it to sink.  The Silver on board was Silver orders for the Royal Mint heading back from India. The shipwreck Silver was the “heaviest and deepest recovery of metals from a shipwreck” in history. (Daily Mail UK)

Sao Jose Shipwreck

Sao Jose Shipwreck. Times Live ZASao Jose Shipwreck. Times Live ZA

The Sao Jose is perhaps one of the most interesting shipwreck stories today. Purportedly being used a slave ship and a transportation ship bound for Goa, India, the ship also held nine chests filled with tens of thousands of Silver coins. It was a treasure from the King Phillip III of Spain, handed to Francisco de Gama. These shipwreck coins are can be found and purchased today. (YouTube)

Shipwreck Coins for Sale

Buyers can invest in shipwreck coins for sale. They hold a special place in history and they are vastly unique because of the significance that those shipwreck Silver coins hold today. Every certified and authenticated shipwreck coin will make a great addition to any collection. 

Shipwreck and Boat Related Silver

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