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Gold vs. Bitcoin
Gold vs. Bitcoin

Perhaps the most obvious difference between Gold and Bitcoin is this: Gold is a tangible physical Precious Metal, whereas Bitcoin is digital. Yet the distinctions between the two run much deeper.  Gold is a Precious Metal used by mankind as a medium of exchange for millennia. It is also useful in technology and manufa...

What is Brilliant Uncirculated &<br> Almost Uncirculated?
What is Brilliant Uncirculated & Almost Uncirculated?

When it comes to Precious Metals, one common question many people have is what do the letters “AU” and “BU” mean. You might have seen a coin such as the 2016 Austria 1 oz Gold Philharmonic BU or the 1922-1935 Peace Silver Dollar AU that are sold at APMEX. Those letters at the end of those coi...

Why Silver is a Good Place to Start Investing
Why Silver is a Good Place to Start Investing

There are a number of Precious Metals available today. As an investor, it is difficult to know where to start your investment path. You want to be diligent about your decision, but you also want to make the most financial and viable sense for your own needs. Investing requires a healthy amount of research. Making the wrong de...

When to Buy Silver or Gold
When to Buy Silver or Gold

Market professionals often have differing opinions about when to invest in some products or when to sell. Some investors recommend being aggressive, while others suggest a more conservative approach. However, investing truly is a personal endeavor, so the question becomes what you should do when investing in Gold or Silver. A...

Silver Uses Affect the<br> Silver Price Per Ounce Today
Silver Uses Affect the Silver Price Per Ounce Today

When considering the value of an ounce of Silver, you must consider how important Silver has been throughout time and how versatile Silver is, leading to how we value Silver on the Silver price chart today. No one knows who first discovered Silver, but we do know Silver objects were created in Greece before 4000 B.C., a l...

Consider Buying Platinum Instead of Silver
Consider Buying Platinum Instead of Silver

Silver is a popular Precious Metal, but investors should think about Platinum, too. Platinum offers several of the same benefits as Silver. Experienced investors and buyers like to buy Platinum coins and bullion to diversify their portfolios. Platinum bullion and other products also work well as a Precious Metal for begin...

Reasons Why People Buy Precious Metals
Reasons Why People Buy Precious Metals

People buy Precious Metals for different reasons. The Precious Metals market is the most unique and diverse because of the vast options available. Precious Metals not only diversify any collector's portfolio, they also provide a level of protection against currency values and economic insecurity. Precious Metals come in a...

The Gold to Platinum Ratio
The Gold to Platinum Ratio

Platinum is rarer than Gold but it is an important metal because of its diversification to any investor's portfolio and its unique place in history with a lower price point than Gold. The Gold to Platinum ratio is an important historical lesson because it helps identify just how rare Platinum is and how its value has changed ...

Investing in Precious Metals

Investing in Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium is a step toward growing your Precious Metals portfolio. Just like any other investment, it requires proper education and research to determine the best cause of action. Whether you have an interest in investing in Gold or investing in Silver, there are educational resources vital to helping you make a better decision. Here you will find educational articles on why you should invest in Precious Metals and articles on key investment guides. An investment in Precious Metals not only helps you grow your portfolio, it also grows its value throughout time.

With so much information from which to draw, it is difficult to find what is most useful or accurate. Investing does not have be intimidating or confusing. APMEX is committed to helping you make the right decisions for your portfolio. This is a section where you will find the necessary tools for success in investing. You will find reasons people invest in Precious Metals, tips to understand market terms and ways to understand Precious Metals prices and why they are important.

When To Invest in Physical Gold and Silver?

People from all walks of life have invested in Precious Metals. From the time of the ancient Romans to modern-day numismatists, investing in Gold and investing in Platinum or other metals has been common. Many factors play into the mindset of investing. Precious Metals investing can be both intimidating and exhilarating. All Precious Metals are precious for various reasons, but their stature and notoriety has become an important part in modern investment strategies, opening up more non-traditional options. There are many sizes and shapes from which to choose. There are also several circumstances that make Precious Metals more valuable and worth investing in.

Reasons People Invest in Precious Metals

There are a number of reasons why you invest in Precious Metals. Every investor is different with varying motivations behind their purchases. That doesn't make investing in Precious Metals any less important. The articles here are resources to help you make a sound investment, whether you are a beginning investor or an experienced investor. There is also a wide knowledge base of information from which to draw that can be helpful to you understanding more clearly what Precious Metals investing can be. Here are various reasons why people invest in Precious Metals.

  • Hedge against uncertain economic future: Investing in Precious Metals can protect your investment and act as a hedge against inflation or other economic uncertainties. It is difficult to determine what will happen with the economy because it is one of the most volatile and unstable entities in the world. This has made investing in Precious Metals especially popular in recent years.
  • Current price of Metals: Any investor should stay informed on metal prices. It is the quintessential backbone to any purchase. Much like buying a car, you want to determine how the price affects the value of the car in the long-term. If it is priced too high, the value and investment may not be right. There are many possible scenarios, but seeing how valuable Silver prices or Gold prices are is one reason people invest in Precious Metals. Seeing the historic prices of Precious Metals can give you a glimpse into the future of Precious Metals investing.
  • Amount of metal used in technologies and equipment: The practical uses of Precious Metals is common. From Gold to Palladium, uses for Precious Metals in technology and equipment is as old as time. Supply and demand plays an important role in an investor's mentality. Specific uses can change based on geography and social factors, but its application in everyday things cannot be ignored.
  • Political or social factors: Major world events such as the historic Brexit vote can have an impact on global markets and affect investment behavior. Other events like mining restrictions in parts of Russia and China can have adverse affects.
  • Coin and bullion investing: There are other investors who purchase popular Precious Metals bullion for the sake of collecting. With so many commemorative sets and specific government mint programs today, investors find investing in those opportunities worthy of their purchase. Rare and collectible coins have seen popularity as investment options.

There are multiple reasons people invest in Gold or invest in Silver and other Precious Metals. Reasons why people invest in Precious Metals is one thing, but it is equally important to be educated on terminology and understanding the market terms in order to fully comprehend your investment opportunities.

Precious Metals Terminology and Market Terms

Terms like bear market and bull market are essential to understanding market movement in both stocks and Precious Metals. However, the investment market in Precious Metals is much different than investing in the stock market. Learn what spot prices are and what premium over spot means. These are two of the key terms to Precious Metals investing. Sometimes terminology can be confusing or muddled with the many scenarios available. Investing requires careful thought because it is a long-term purchase.

Market terms may change from one market to the other. When investing in Precious Metals, as in any investment platform, understanding terminology and rhetoric is vital in formulating a sound investment strategy but understanding how it is applied can take your investing to new levels. This knowledge and more is found here, giving you the tools necessary to succeed in investing.

Precious Metals Investing Guide

Learn how to get started, determine a budget, understand the right terminology and choose the right products. Making the right investment can have successful and valuable long-term results. At APMEX, we want investing to be a non-intimidating experience, where you can find the right sources for the answers you seek. You will find the tools and the knowledge you need to succeed. We offer a Precious Metals investment guide that can work for you.

Browse the articles above to learn more about investing and get information on how to invest in Precious Metals.


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