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Best Investment Strategies for Short-Term Gain

Precious metals investing has a proven record as a good option for beginners and experienced investors alike. While it is true that all worthwhile investments carry some degree of risk, investing in Silver, Gold and Platinum, for example, can be an excellent choice for those seeking short-term gain. Before adding Precious Metals to your portfolio, it is essential to follow a few guidelines.

Research Market Trends

When economists have a concern about inflation, Precious Metals prices tend to rise. History has shown that fears of inflation come up again and again over time. It is always best to watch the bullion market for a period before making a substantial investment so you can observe the peaks and valleys in pricing. Large traders observe the markets carefully, purchasing Silver and other Precious Metals while prices are at their lowest. Then, after waiting for spot prices to go up, sell when prices enter the higher territory. Make a note of analysts’ predictions about the price of Silver bullion, as well as Gold, Platinum and Palladium prices. Be thorough and don’t give too much weight to the predictions of one economist over another. Look at the data collected to determine your own speculation about whether market prices will rise in the future and invest before prices swing upward.

Find a Reputable Dealer

The best way to make money from Precious Metals as a short-term investment is through buying the physical metals. Coins, rounds and bars of Gold, Silver and Platinum are readily available, with Palladium considered a reliable investment, as well. When making a purchase, it is imperative to work with a reputable dealer who can confirm the authenticity of every product. Developing a relationship with your Precious Metals dealer is essential. Being on a first name basis with a sales agent isn’t necessary, but make a few small purchases and learn what to expect before diving in with a significant investment.  

Available in a variety of weights and sizes, investments are available for people with any amount of seed money. Bullion coins are easy to trade because they are available in smaller increments, while large-format Silver bullion bars are an excellent choice for investors with more money to spend. Bullion coins can also be slightly more expensive per ounce than bars because they carry government backing. Collectible rare Silver coins are a good investment, but typically require a longer commitment than bullion. If you are only interested in short-term investments, seek out Silver in bullion coins, rounds and bars. 

Pay Close Attention to Quality 

Individual pieces are manufactured and stamped by both government and private mints, with some coins still authorized as legal tender by their nation of origin. A third-party organization certifies investment-grade Silver coins, adding a layer of assurance to the investor regarding condition and quality.  It is possible to own physical Silver without taking possession. Some dealers and banks offer storage options for your Precious Metals, but be aware that these services cost money. Compare the costs of delivery to the price of storage services, and estimate the total expense for the time you expect to hold onto your investment. 

Investing in Precious Metals 

Many investors see Gold and Silver as a safe-haven during uncertain periods, as well as a proven way to make money in a short-term investment. Investors have frequently seen short-term gains from investing in Precious Metals. Silver is one of the most popular Precious Metals for investors because of its long history as a form of money with inherent value. Unlike Gold, Silver has a vast number of industrial uses, serving as a necessary component in many modern electronics.  Bullion coins carry most of their value based on the Precious Metals content. When the spot price of Silver goes up or down, so does the overall value of your Silver bullion coins. That is why it is so important to watch the markets and make larger purchases when spot prices are most competitive.

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