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How Gold and Silver Values Stack Up Against Traditional Currency

Gold and Silver make good investments if you know why you are buying them. Compared to traditional currency, both Gold and Silver rise above currency in terms of value. While Gold value and Silver value remains high, it offers a variety of currency that offers financial protection. “As Gold has risen in value over the last decade, the value of the U.S. dollar has declined,” making Gold and Silver even more valuable to own. (Money Crashers) Having too many investments in one currency can be dangerous.

While Gold values and Silver values go up, the value of currency stays the same or even decreases. This pattern has existed for years. Gold, Silver and other Precious Metals are often bought as a hedge of protection against traditional currency to stay ahead of any financial curve that takes place. Precious Metals can be diverse and the demand for them drives up the value. There are many factors that take that into account:

  1. Industrial and commercial use of Gold and Silver. Gold and Silver are used for applications in the automotive industry, medical industry, electronics and jewelry. The need for these items helps drive the value higher.
  2. Fluctuating economies. Gold currency and Silver currency add to an investor's portfolio, but it continues to be a stabilizing force in terms of economic fluctuations around the world.
  3. Let's not forget about the intrinsic value of Gold and Silver. Both Precious Metals have withstood the test of time, and their values grow over time with the capability to be passed down from generation to generation. This takes away from the value of paper currency. (Money Crashers)

The purchase of a Silver coin like the 2017 1 oz Silver Kangaroo, or any variety of other Silver coins, makes a good addition to your financial makeup.

Purchasing Power

Precious Metal purchasing power remains high especially when the economy becomes more tumultuous. As traditional currency values decline, purchasing power of Precious Metals goes higher. The price of Gold per ounce in 1931 is not the same as it is today in 2016.

Receiving more dollars in your investment will go a longer way than putting your faith in traditional currency. According to Daily Reckoning, “Did you know that today’s dollar can only buy about 2% of what it could buy in 1900? Compare that to Gold, which today buys 150% of what it could in 1900. So, in roughly a century, Gold has catapulted to 75 times as much purchasing power as the dollar.”

Where to buy Gold and Silver

APMEX offers a wide variety of Gold and Silver. Silver coin values and Gold coin values provide a longer return on investment and looks good in an investment portfolio.

The America the Beautiful coin series and the 1 oz Gold American Eagle coin are great examples of products that APMEX sells at competitive prices. The Gold value and Silver value stack up higher than traditional currency and each product at APMEX offers you a good hedge of protection and a good start to your investment portfolio.

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