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Why Buying Mercury Dimes is a Worthy and Fun Investment

Silverbug enthusiast Michael Larney bought a bag of Mercury Dimes from APMEX and couldn’t resist in sharing his excitement. “I just bought a bag of freaking Mercury Dimes!” exclaimed Larney. “It took the whole evening to go through these things. You can see the date-by-date break-down of everything in the pictures.” Larney gave APMEX permission to share his adventure, saying he was very pleased with the variety of dates.

Unboxing – Searching for Mercury Dime Value

Breakdown of Larney’s Mercury Dime Bag:*

36 x 1910s
78 x 1920s
147 x 1930s
739 x 1940s

*Your results may vary. Date ranges are by availability on APMEX Mercury Dime bags.

How Much is a Mercury Dime Worth?

Prices for Mercury Dimes, like all 90% Silver coins, vary widely based on rarity and condition. A 1921 Mercury Dime graded as Fine can currently be bought from APMEX for $89.99, while a 1916-D Mercury Dime rated by PCGS in Good condition can fetch north of $700. A later-date 1942 Mercury Dime is also currently available for $499.99. Most Mercury Dimes for sale in bulk are valued purely as a bullion asset. Silverbug enthusiasts like Larney buy Silver Mercury Dime bags in bulk as part of their hobby in hopes of obtaining a rare find.

The Mercury Dime was designed by Adolph A. Weinman. His allegorical representation of the Greek god Mercury, meant to symbolize Liberty, was loved by collectors of the day. The wings on Mercury’s cap represent ‘Liberty of Thought.’ The reverse depicts a fasces, or bundle of wooden rods with a protruding axe blade, with an olive branch behind it. The 1916-D Mercury Dime is the key date of the series, with a mintage of only 264,000 pieces.

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