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Why buying jewelry from a Precious Metals retailer is better than buying at a jewelry store

Buying jewelry can be an exciting time in someone's life. Like Precious Metals investing, buying jewelry requires proper research in order to make the best decision available. Regardless of the jewelry you plan on buying, it can be better to buy from a Precious Metals retailer as opposed to a jewelry store or pawn shop. There are benefits that a Precious Metals retailer offers to their customers that a jewelry store simply cannot.

Gold or Silver jewelry is a visible accessory where quality is essential. Precious Metal jewelry has been worn for years on a special occasion, for work or even casually with everyday wear. With jewelry, you must be cautious where you buy it so you can ensure you are getting the best jewelry option. 

Buying Jewelry From a Precious Metals Retailer Instead of a Jewelry Store or Pawn Shop

There are distinct benefits of buying jewelry from a Precious Metals retailer. Questions from the quality to the value may be put into place when you buy from a jewelry store or pawn shop. There are reasons you should buy jewelry from a Precious Metals retailer instead:

  1. More real metal content. Part of a reason for the lower costs associated with jewelry store jewelry is the metal content is not as high as from a Precious Metals retailer. Not all jewelry is made with 100 percent metal content because the jewelry would break. There are ways to calculate the jewelry item's metal content but on the whole it is more valuable at Precious Metals retailers than jewelry stores. Some stores even resort to using scrap Gold and Silver to use in their jewelry, which lessens the metal content.

  2. Price. The price is one of the biggest valuation factors of jewelry. Jewelry prices are generally lower at Precious Metals retailers because they are made with higher quality. Many times a jewelry store or pawn shop can overprice their jewelry because of notoriety of their name or they have large overhead to pay. Precious Metals retailers have a better understanding of the price of Precious Metals and price accordingly.

  3. Selection is larger and more unique. There is a wide selection of options from which to choose that may not be available at jewelry stores. At a Precious Metals retailer, you can buy unique items not normally found at jewelry stores such as a Silver or Gold bezels, pendants that fit certain Precious Metals coins and uniquely shaped earrings that bear the design of a popular Gold or Silver coin. The selections are numerous, but valuable all the same.

  4. Full disclosure on weight, purity and price. In a combination of the reasons above, it is important to have full disclosure of the purity and by extension making the price reasonable to what the spot prices of Gold or Silver are. Oftentimes, there is not full disclosure of the details because they either do not have that information or it is intentionally not mentioned. (Jewelry Notes)

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