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Best Value Products Popular Among Investors

Precious Metal investors select items for their portfolio for myriad reasons. Growth potential is among most investors’ top priorities, but there are also considerations of liquidity, personal enjoyment and value. Here, we will go over some of the best value products popular among investors and perhaps help give you ideas for your next Precious Metals acquisition.


Some experts believe Silver generally represents the better overall Precious Metals investment value. Silver is an accessible Precious Metal investment in that it is priced lower than Gold, but it is a scarce commodity recognized for its intrinsic value and has applications across many industries, securing its future demand. At APMEX, we offer a selection of the best value Silver investment and are happy to point the way.

If your priority is acquiring Silver at the lowest possible premium over spot price, secondary market Silver rounds, which can be had at prices as low as 59¢ over spot, are your best bet. However, there are other considerations when you want the best value. Recognition and liquidity, for example, are part of having the most security and growth potential for your investment dollar. Popular among discerning investors are the Silver American Eagle and the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf, which enjoy celebrated status in the coin world. Having said that, we would like you to consider another coin which we feel represents a tremendous value due to its particular circumstances: The Perth Mint Silver Swan.

Last year, the Silver Swan exploded on the international coin market and then skyrocketed in value. Its meteoric rise in both price and esteem has been among the most exciting events in coin collecting lately and there is still time to get in on it. This is pure speculation, and of course there is no such thing as a crystal ball, but if the future releases of the Silver Swan Series were to experience even a fraction of the growth exhibited by the early Silver Swans, you could have an extremely valuable coin. The key to making this a great investment choice is to look at this coin’s enormous numismatic value with the practical gaze of an investor. Shrewd investors have already taken note of the excitement this coin causes and you could be among them.


If your preference is on investing in Gold, the best value we can point you to is once again in secondary market bars. They have the lowest possible premium over spot and the more ounces you can afford to purchase, the premium tends to drop even more. However, there is real value in known commodities, too, due to their easy recognition and authentication. Evergreen favorites such as the Gold American Eagle, the Gold American Buffalo and the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf are all strong contenders for “best value” due to their recognizability and the respect they command on the open market. Any of these classic coins offer growth potential over time, and graded varieties of these coins in guaranteed condition are especially liquid. Nevertheless, we would like to direct your attention today to the Mexican Gold Libertad.

These gorgeous coins bear exceptionally beautiful and meaningful artwork. The legend behind the Mexican Libertad coin art could capture the imagination of even the most pragmatic Precious Metal investor. However, that is just a sliver of their appeal. Libertads are produced by Casa de Moneda de Mexico, the oldest mint in North America, and backed by Banco de México. That is powerful history and Libertads command respect for it. Libertads are underrepresented in many American investors’ portfolios, lending them an air of the exotic. Certain varieties were struck in extremely limited mintages. All of these factors together mean that Libertads may be the best value Gold product for Precious Metals investors right now.

Savvy Gold investors are already enthusiastically snapping up Mexican Gold Libertads and we feel there is real potential for growth over time in the Gold Libertad. Further, Libertads are offered in fractional sizes down to 1/10 oz, so if you have only a modest budget for your Gold investment, you can still acquire one of these exceptional, great-value pieces. While you may not feel the same initial “bang for your buck” as with a plain Gold bar you purchased for a very low premium, there may come a day in the future where you will feel a Libertad was the best purchase you ever made.

Investment products enjoy popularity among investors for many reasons. If you are looking for the best value within this class of items, consider the pieces discussed here and decide if they are right for you.

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