The Priciest Coins on the Market

Regular users of the APMEX site know we occasionally discuss the thrilling high-end coin market. The fascinating high-stakes auctions that led to a 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar going for $10,016,875 in January 2013 or the 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle selling for $7,590,020 in July 2002 are amazing, but not something most people will ever get to be a part of. Today, let’s look at some of the most valuable and expensive coins we currently have here at APMEX. Our truly astounding inventory includes several extremely rare and special numismatic pieces that may interest the discerning collector of means. Of course, anyone can enjoy the beauty of these spectacular coins and enjoy learning about our shared American history through them.

As of this writing, the most valuable coin in our inventory is an exceptional 1795 Capped Bust $10 Gold Eagle priced at more than $185,000. This superior coin’s tremendous value is predicated on its age, low mintage and extremely low population. This numismatic coin represents an important part of American history, when our country and its mint were still in its infancy.

1907 $10 Indian Gold Eagle MS-65 PCGS (Wire Edge)

  • This stunning Indian Head Gold coin is of the ultra-rare Wire Edge variety, with a small population of just 62 coins. This Indian Head Gold Eagle is one of the coins featuring artwork originally designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens during President Theodore Roosevelt’s push to beautify American coins.

1921 $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle AU-58 PCGS CAC

  • Another one of our valuable coins is this particular Saint-Gaudens designed Gold Double Eagle. PCGS, one of the top two coin-grading services, graded this Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle at AU-58, placing it in a population of only 28 coins. This coin was struck in Philadelphia and bears no mintmark.

1889-CC Morgan Dollar MS-63 PCGS

  • Morgan Silver Dollar values vary wildly. A new collector can obtain a decent Morgan Dollar for about $25. But here, we have an exceptional and very exciting 1889 Morgan Dollar struck in Carson City with a population of a mere 95 coins. Valuable coins always have a special quality such as extreme age or scarcity, and this coin is a great example of why Morgan Silver Dollar values are all over the spectrum in price.

1776 Continental Curency Dollar XF-40 PCGS (Pewter)

  • This lesser-known piece is among our more valuable coins, although it was struck in pewter. There is a fascinating historic importance attached to these “curency” dollars that may take you down a Revolutionary rabbit hole once you begin reading about it! This coin has a tiny population of just seven coins from an unknown mintage number. There are some true treasures among the most valuable coins in the APMEX inventory. From precious Saint-Gaudens-designed Gold coins to Morgan Silver Dollars beloved by the public, we offer a good variety of options for the discerning numismatist. Luckily, though, everyone is able to enjoy and learn about these exceptional and exceptionally valuable coins.

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