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What is a reverse proof coin?

What is a proof coin? Proof coins, known for their polished appearance, with frosted devices and mirrored fields, are manufactured specifically for collectors. These coins are produced in relatively low quantities and are considered more beautiful and more valuable than their standard counterparts. They may be easily recognized by their special packaging and smooth appearance, which is achieved by using specially polished blanks when striking the coin. Reverse proof coins differ from proof coins in their appearance, but are similar in their packaging and manufacturing.

Growing appeal of reverse proof coins

In recent years, reverse proof coins have added another layer of appeal to proof coins. Rather than featuring a frosted device and a mirrored field, reverse proof coins feature a frosted field and a mirrored device. The visual effect of the reverse proof is remarkable. The design on a standard proof coin may appear like a crisp black and white photograph, but the design on a reverse proof will appear like the negative of a black and white photograph. The specially polished blanks used in striking the coin are responsible for this effect.

Reverse Proof and Proof Side-by-Side Comparison

Reverse proof coins are relatively new products and are often released in conjunction with special anniversaries. The first reverse proof coin issued by the U.S. Mint was the 2006 Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle, released for the 20th anniversary of the series. Shortly thereafter, the U.S. Mint issued the 2006 Reverse Proof American Gold Eagle and the 2007 Reverse Proof American Platinum Eagle. Collectors are attracted to the unique design and the novelty of owning a newly-released limited-edition reverse proof coin.

Purchasing reverse proof coins through APMEX

APMEX carries a wide variety of reverse proof coins in its inventory. Since first launching the style in 2006, the U.S. Mint has issued several reverse proof coins. U.S. Mint Gold coins and proof coin sets in reverse proof have grown especially popular.

In 2013, the U.S. Mint issued a reverse proof American Gold Buffalo coin, featuring the iconic American Indian head design on the obverse and buffalo on the reverse. Collectors admired the new spin on the traditional design.

APMEX also carries proof coin sets in the reverse proof style from mints around the world, including the 2016 Canada 4-Coin Reverse Proof Silver Wolf Fractional Set. Many sets come complete with special display boxes and decorative documentation. Find several additional examples of reverse proof coins in the APMEX inventory.

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