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What is a Rimless Design Coin?

A coin’s design is generally confined to its rim, like a wall that holds the people, animals, structures and messages depicted in place. At least, this is the traditional view of coin design. In recent years, coin designers have pushed the boundaries until the coins’ boundaries have seemingly disappeared.

Identifying a rimless design coin

On a rimless design coin, images will bleed off the edge of the coin. For the observer, the effect is similar to that of looking through binoculars. The viewer is peeking-in on a scene that seems to exist independent of the coin. This design is in stark contrast to traditional coin design, where all images fit neatly within the rim, like a basket of collected objects.

For example, consider the 2 oz Silver Biblical Series coin depicting David and Goliath. The reverse shows David hoisting Goliath’s head above his own. Most of Goliath’s body is shown but his shield and staff trail off the edge of the coin. Likewise, soldiers on either side fade into the horizon with no clear end. The design feels like a piece of artwork, as is intended. This design is inspired by Gustave Doré's illustration of David and Goliath, which is pictured on the coin’s certificate of authenticity.

Rimless coins for sale at APMEX

APMEX carries some of the world’s most popular rimless coin series. In addition to being rimless, many of these coins feature an antique finish and high relief design. These coins are generally designed to appeal to niche interests.

For example, collectors will find several examples of rimless coins as part of the Scottsdale Mint Biblical Series. Silver coin themes include Daniel in the Lion’s Den, New Jerusalem, Pale Horse, the Ten Commandments, David and Goliath and the Crucifixion.

Also available through APMEX are the Perth Mint Goddesses of Olympus and Gods of Olympus coin series, which feature several rimless Silver coin designs. Collectors will find striking images of Aphrodite, Athena, Hera and Poseidon.

In the Athena coin, the goddess holds a large spear and is joined by a serpent and owl. Action-packed images like this are common among rimless coins. Rimless coins also tend to be housed in beautifully crafted display boxes. It’s no surprise why rimless coins are a popular gift item.

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