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What is a Tamper Proof or Tamper Evident Coin?

For as long as mankind has valued Gold, Silver and other Precious Metals, collectors have also valued the security of their investment. You’re likely familiar with stories of buried treasure on tropical islands or unbreakable bank vaults containing unimaginable wealth. These make for interesting movie plotlines, but how do real-life collectors protect their Precious Metals investment?

Increasingly, collectors are turning to tamper-proof coins, tamper-evident packaging and tamper-evident seals.

Protect your coins against tampering

The main objective of tamper-proof coins, tamper-evident packaging and tamper-evident seals is to guard against counterfeiting, fraud and damage. When collectors and investors take advantage of these measures, they can be certain their coins are genuine and their authenticity and condition will not be questioned during resale or appraisal.

Tamper-proof coins make use of cutting-edge technology to ensure they are not counterfeit. Leading the charge in this effort is the Royal Canadian Mint. A prime example is the 2016 Canada 1 oz Silver Predator Series Cougar. This coin is virtually impossible to counterfeit. Experts can almost instantly be sure of its authenticity. The coin’s obverse and reverse feature extremely fine lines extending from the center of the image outward. Also on the reverse, below the pouncing cougar, is a tiny micro-engraved security symbol: a maple leaf within a maple leaf, containing the number “16” that is only visible under magnification. The technology and designs required to create these features is specific to the Royal Canadian Mint. These features are also present on the 2016 Canada 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf. The Royal Canadian Mint is likewise a leading developer of hologram coins that are extraordinarily difficult to counterfeit.

Tamper-evident packaging and tamper-evident seals add an extra layer of protection to coins. Collectors can be certain their coin is in pristine condition and matches all of its original specifications.

APMEX is known for supplying its customers with some of the highest quality tamper-evident packaging and tamper-evident seals in the industry. Consider the 2016 1 oz Gold Eagle (MintDirect® Single). Immediately after its removal from a mint box, each coin is individually packaged by APMEX to ensure its authenticity and condition. It is sealed in a protective, non-reactive plastic polymer authentication card to protect its finish. This tamper-evident package guarantees the collector’s investment indefinitely. APMEX’s tamper-evident packaging and tamper-evident seals are available with dozens of coins from mints spanning the globe.

APMEX also sells tamper-evident packaging from third parties, including the tamper-evident assay card on the 100 gram Rand Elephant Mirage Gold Bar. Each bar features a unique serial number that matches the assay card and is guaranteed by Rand Refinery.

As the value of Gold and other Precious Metals reaches historic highs, expect further advancements in the technology behind tamper-proof coins, tamper-evident packaging and tamper-evident seals. APMEX remains the leader in supplying these products to investors and collectors worldwide.

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