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Is Today’s Gold Price Worth It?

Looking at a Gold price chart, it is easy to see why anyone would want to invest in this valuable commodity, but why is it a good idea to pay the price of Gold today to add to your portfolio? There are several reasons why paying the Gold price per gram or ounce can be worth the investment. Explore the following reasons and decide for yourself whether buying at today's spot price of Gold is the right move for you.

One of the biggest reasons people buy Gold is because it helps balance their portfolio. Gold's value often increases with economic downturns, the devaluation of the dollar and geopolitical turmoil, making the price of Gold today often worth the investment. Many consider Gold a safe haven for this very reason and, when reviewing the price of Gold today, buy Gold to balance out their portfolio. How much Gold you buy and what type – Gold coins, Gold bars or Gold rounds – depends on your goals. Look at the live Gold price now in the Gold prices chart, and decide for yourself if an investment is worthwhile.

Investing in Gold can also mean having a commodity that holds its value during inflationary and deflationary times. Through the last century, many people who reviewed the spot Gold price and these trends found Gold was a good investment. When inflation was at highs in 1946, 1974, 1975, 1979 and 1980, those who invested in Gold price per gram or ounce found the real return averaged more than 130%, whereas those who invested in the Dow Jones Industrial averaged a real return of only 12.33%. Similarly, during the Great Depression, Gold prices per ounce soared.

Supply and demand also make the price of Gold attractive. Since the 1990s, most of the Gold supply comes from the vaults of central banks. In addition, it can take 5 to 10 years to bring a new Gold mine online. At the same time production may be lagging, there has generally been an increase in demand, especially in emerging markets like India with the highest demand during the traditional month for marriage (October) where Gold is used for jewelry, and China, where traditionally people have saved by paying the Gold price for bars of Gold.

The Many Reasons to Invest:
Discovering the Gold Bullion Price is Worth it

Reviewing the Gold prices per ounce on the price of Gold chart, many decide to invest in Gold for their retirement. Precious Metals IRAs are Self-Directed IRAs. Just like with regular IRAs, any profits on your Gold investment sales can be tax deferred as long as the proceeds are kept with your reinvestment custodian or transferred to another IRA account. To qualify for an IRA investment, Gold must be at least .995 fine. When people pay the today Gold price and invest in a Precious Metal IRA, they often see the purchases as one way to diversify portfolios and hedge against economic downturn. Review what is the price of Gold today and see if the investment makes sense for your portfolio.

Others purchase Gold simply because they love art and history. These collectors look beyond Gold coin prices and see the beauty of a Gold American Eagle Coin with its Lady Liberty design, or that coin’s inspiration, the Augustus Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle Coins that circulated in the early 20th century. These buyers can't resist the historic connection to art. Others love the historical significance of coins like the South African Gold Krugerrand, first released in 1967 featuring the South African Republic's first president, Paul Kruger. When this set of collectors sees the premium price paid over Gold price per ounce today, they only see a great investment in artistic history they can hold in their hands. The Gold price is secondary to the numismatic or collectible value of the coins.

When you decide to invest in Gold, you join others who see Gold as a valuable substance that has a high demand and a finite supply, making the ounce of Gold price worth the investment for those who add it to their portfolios. Investors know that not just other investors need Gold. Gold is used in many technologies and medical devices, as well as other industrial products, and the demand for Gold jewelry is always high. In addition, governments buy Gold, pushing up the current Gold price per ounce. Take a look at the Gold price per ounce today and decide whether you'd like to invest in Gold coins, Gold bars or Gold rounds.

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