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Can I Buy Precious Metal Coins, Bars or Rounds at Spot Price?

Spot is the term for the current market price for 1 oz of any given metal, which is always changing (just like a normal stock changing minute-by-minute throughout the day). As an investor, it makes sense to try and buy Precious Metals close to spot with a low premium. Several product lines have a history of premium appreciation, which is when the premium of a particular coin increases due to limited availability or various other factors. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to buy at spot price. While a low premium is nice, the smart investor won’t hesitate to pay a higher premium if they could see a return when selling their Precious Metals.

All Precious Metals items are sold with a premium, or an additional cost above the spot price that covers costs associated with the product, such as the mining and refining process, production and any numismatic or collectible value.

Tips to save on Precious Metals

If your goal is to get as much metal for your money as you can, shop with the following tips in mind:

1. Compare retailers:

In addition to shopping for the best prices, be sure to shop for a retailer you can trust. There is nothing worse than receiving counterfeit goods or items not in the condition they’re advertised.

2. Consider other things besides coins:

By investing in Silver rounds, Silver bars, Gold rounds or Gold bars, you will likely avoid additional numismatic, or collector, costs associated with coins.

3. Buy in volume:

APMEX offers volume pricing on many items to help you save on your purchase when you buy a greater quantity.

4. Watch for specials:

Retailers often offer specials and promo codes for valued customers.

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