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Fractional Gold Price

For investors who wish to follow the current spot price of Gold, APMEX has an excellent Gold price chart page, which includes both the up-to-the-moment market price of Gold per ounce as well as an interactive historical price chart to allow for historical price comparisons. It is the ideal tool to help new investors learn and understand the Gold spot price and to allow seasoned investors to follow the market at a glance. An additional detail included on the APMEX Gold price chart is the price of Gold per gram and the price of Gold per kilo.

Nowadays, nearly every person in America has a powerful computer with them at all times. Anyone can pretty easily calculate the cost of a kilo of Gold or a gram of Gold from the price of Gold per ounce, but APMEX wants to make your investment decisions easy for you. Essentially, we do the math so you don’t have to. You need never worry about mistyping the numbers or correctly recalling the equations; APMEX has you covered.

Gold is expensive. It is certainly valuable and worth striving to obtain, but the fact is some people who have the acumen to invest in Gold may not have the resources to buy it in large quantities. APMEX is proud to offer Gold investment products in weights as small as 1/2 gram. This allows new investors to begin their path to financial security with small individual expenditures rather than one large one; it makes Gold investing accessible to everyone. Those who wish to make these modest expenditures are just as valued to us as any other client. If you are in the position of watching the price of Gold per gram to time your purchases to your advantage, we have made it just as simple and efficient for you as if you were buying a kilo at a time.

Gold Products Available Per Gram

As mentioned above, APMEX stocks investment items as small as 1/2 gram and we are happy to say you do not need to sacrifice beauty or quality to purchase a small investment product. PAMP Suisse, for example, makes a stunning 1 gram Gold bar featuring their celebrated Lady Fortuna design. If you have a slightly larger budget, but are not yet ready to buy a large bar, Valcambi produces attractive 2 1/2 gram Gold bars. As you ease into larger Gold acquisitions, we offer many 5 gram Gold bars including an especially alluring Perth Mint 5 gram bar featuring their trademark swan. Our clients have many options that are measured by the gram rather than the ounce and we are thrilled to make Gold investment accessible to everyone at any point in their life.

The price of Gold per gram is relatively small and when you watch it carefully you can see that making many small investments over time can make you the serious Gold investor you aspire to become.

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