Understanding the Price of Silver

The price of Silver tells us not only what resources we must allocate to invest in Silver on a given day, but also, when taken with the historical price charts, helps us understand the intrinsic value of Silver as a commodity. Examining the history of Silver’s price per ounce is an excellent indication of its real value. APMEX’s easy-to-read Silver price charts mean you can follow the moment-to-moment price of Silver at a glance, without squinting at narrow newspaper columns as it was in years past.

A great indicator of Silver’s value is its relative buying power. In May of 1987, Silver charted around $9 per ounce. Thirty years later, in May 2017, the Silver price chart tells us the Silver spot price was just under $17 per ounce. That’s a matinee movie for two, either in 1987 or 2019. Silver prices reflect general prices in our economy well enough that a few moment’s thought will yield many examples of buying-power parity. This is one major way Silver’s spot price over time indicates the intrinsic value of Silver.

Silver prices per ounce, when taken as a whole, give investors an excellent indication of Silver’s real value over time. You can see its constancy and how Silver holdings will grow in buying power over the long haul. There is no better time than now to begin building the holdings that may help secure your future.

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